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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Volker wins ETS season opener


Ronald Volker has won an extremely close opening round of Season #8 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in which four drivers went into the third A-Main in the Czech Republic with a chance of the overall win.  Starting from second on the grid behind Marc Rheinard, the pair having taking a win a piece in the first two Mains, the outcome of the race would again be decided by driver error with Rheinard making a similar mistake to the one he made in A2 and Volker made in A1.  In the end Volker would win the leg from Alexander Hagberg and Yannic Prumper to continue his run of successive season opening wins with today’s 40th ETS race marking his 5th win of Round 1 of the World famous touring car championship.  While Hagberg and Prumper would complete the podium in that order, Rheinard would end A3 last leaving him to end what had started out as a very strong start to his attempt to take back the ETS title from Volker in 4th overall.


Moving into the lead on lap 4 and keeping it there to the finish, Volker said ‘I feel excited now after struggling with myself in qualifying as well as being unlucky in A1′.  With his win taking him back equal with Rheinard as the championship’s most winning driver he said ‘this season we had to work harder than before to keep up with the other teams and it is great that it paid off with us getting two cars on the podium today’.  Commenting on his A3 race, he said ‘in the beginning I was faster than Marc but after his roll and my own mistake in A1 I lost my confidence through the corner before the straight’ adding this was compounded by the fact he had to go for all or nothing to secure the overall win because of Hagberg having second place finishes in both A1 & 2. Admitting Hagberg ‘got close but not too close’ to the rear of his BD7 he said going into the last lap he knew he had the win adding he had some luck on his side as he somehow managed to avoid Rheinard’s rolling Tamiya.  Thanking Yukijiro Umino for again providing him with a car to get the job done, Volker said it was an exciting weekend.  Predicting the rest of the season is going to be exciting & intense he said despite having won the title for the last four years he was hungrier than ever to win the title.


‘Drove shit’, that was Rheinard’s response to his race as he lost the lead again due to hitting the curbing.  Having to change to his second set of tyres as his first set were done after A2, he said the pace was not there on the second set but added ‘ultimately I made the mistake’.  Disappointed to not even get a podium having started the event so well by claiming his first TQ on carpet since 2010, the 1:12 World Champion said at least now he leaves Hrotovice with the knowledge that Tamiya ‘now have a good car’ and ‘with a little more luck next time’ he is confident he can take a ‘long overdue’ win on carpet.


Having redone the tweak on his Xray T4, Hagberg said his car was ‘better that time’ but added he ‘was too focused at times trying to keep Yannic behind’.  The Swede was able to close in on Volker for a time until a bad line over the curbing would end that challenge allowing Prumper to apply pressure from behind.  Setting the fastest lap of the race he would again close on Volker over the last four laps but he ran out of time.  The best start to the ETS for last year’s 3rd place championship finisher, with Round 2 heading to German in February where he took a convincing win last year, the newly crowned nitro touring car World Champion is very upbeat both in terms of his car and in his own performance.


Prumper said his Yokomo BD7 felt better than in A2 but added there was ‘no way to pass on this track’. Starting from 4th on the grid the 21-year-old said the win was never on the cards but as a result of Rheinard’s error he was able to ‘jump up to a podium finish’.  Describing it as a good start to the season he said hopefully next time out they can get a handle on the car quicker so as to qualify higher up the grid.  Taking another fourth place in A3, Awesomatix’ Viljami Kutvonen would end up fifth overall behind Rheinard with ETS debutant Bruno Coehlo completing the Top 6.


The other class to be decided in A3 was Formula with the outcome also seeing the defending champion Jan Ratheisky take the win.  Having won A1 and then thrown away the lead in A2, the Xray driver would easily win the final leg to give his new X1 its first international win.  The podium would be completed by the CRC of former champion & A2 winner Herbert Weber and Serpent’s David Ehrbar. Despite having already sewn up his first Pro Stock win in A2, Team ARC driver Lars Hoppe would go on to cap off the perfect weekend with another win in A3.  Behind him last year’s winner Ratheisky would finish runner-up with Valentin Hettrich completing the podium.  For defending champion Marek Cerny it was not a good start to the defence of his second consecutive title as while A3 would be his best race with 2nd a DNF in A1 and 8th in A2 would leave him 7th overall.







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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chassis Focus – Ronald Volker


Chassis – Yokomo BD7 2015
Motor – LRP
Batteries – LRP 6000 mAh
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – Yokomo’s German ace is running a pretty stock, but as usual extremely well prepared BD7 2015. After using shorter suspension arms during qualifying, he and his mechanic Yukijiro Umino reverted to the standard lenght, leaving the only options to be the aluminum chassis and some top deck titanium screws.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chassis Focus – Alexander Hagberg


Chassis – Xray T4 2015
Motor – Orca
ESC – Orca
Batteries – Orca 6200 mAh
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform Mazda Speed 6
Remarks – The newly crowned nitro touring car World Champion is in contention for the win here in Hrotovice, running an example of the T4 2015 equipped with an aluminum chassis. The Swede’s car also features a Hiro Seiko aluminum/titanium screw set, progressive front shock springs and the characteristic “low friction” white belts. Together with the alu chassis, Alex chose to run a thinner (1.6mm) top deck

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Video – Modified, Pro Stock & Formula A2

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Volker takes A2 after early mistake by Rheinard


Following the thrilling battle in last night’s opening A-Main at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in the Czech Republic a highlightly expectant crowd would unfortunately not get a repeat of the Marc Rheinard/Ronald Volker duel. This time round Rheinard would roll his Tamiya in the same part of the track as Volker in A1 only this time the race deciding moment came on the second lap.  With Rheinard dropping down to seventh as a result, this left a clear track for Volker to take a controlled win over Alexander Hagberg who in turn had a buffer over Yannic Prumper.


Commenting on the race, Volker said ‘to my surprise Marc rolled it and after that it was pretty easy’.  The Yokomo driver said once in the position he wanted to be he was able to run his BD7 at his own pace. Setting the fastest lap of the race the defending champion and winner of the previous three ETS visits to Hrotovice said while the car ‘feels not so easy to drive’ he feels he can push it harder if needed.  Expecting an ‘exciting’ A3, the German said he is very confident for the deciding Main but added with both himself and Marc having a bad score to go with their wins they both could easily lose the overall win to Hagberg or Prumper.  The driver with the most TQs in the championship’s 40 race history, Volker said both himself and Rheinard are having problems with their marshal positions. For A1 Volker went to position 1 only to be moved on by Rheinard, who took his first carpet TQ this weekend since 2010, but this morning when he went to position 2 Rheinard was already there leading to banter between the two great rivals.


Rheinard said he simply made a driver error cutting the curb before the corner leading onto the straight sending his TRF419 into a roll.  Being already almost impossible to catch up the leaders, his chances were not helped when having got passed Juho Levanen, the Team Associated driver made contact putting the 4-time World Champion on his roof.   Making a change from Protoform’s Speed 6 bodyshell to an LTC-R having seen how much it benefited Prumper in A1, he said for him it didn’t improve his understeer issues.  Describing his set of tyres on which he has done all his qualifiers and first two finals as ‘done’ he plans to take the risk of running his second set, which he was not happy with in practice, in the showdown.


‘A clean run , no problems’ was how Hagberg summed up his A2 performance.  The newly crowned nitro touring car World Champion, who is showing a new level of confidence this weekend, said benefiting from Rheinard’s mistake he tried to follow Volker but said despite pushing hard he couldn’t keep up with him.  Aware that he is in a ‘good position to win’ going into the third A-Main, the Xray driver said it’s going to ‘be really exciting’.


Having ran all over the back of Hagberg’s T4 in A1 but unable to find the extra few millimetres he need to get passed, Prumper said he lost time at the start as his BD7 had a lot of understeer.  Between towards the end he said it was still not enough to do anything about Hagberg.  Believing the problem was diff related for A3 he said they will break the geardiff in more before the start.


Starting from fifth on the grid Viljami Kutvonen would again finish fourth.  The Awesomatix driver said while overnight changes to his A700 Evo gave it a little more steering it was stiil not enough with the Finn declaring they ‘just dont have the pace’ to race those starting ahead of him.  Planning to ‘change something’ for A3 he said hopefully he can race rather than have to defend.  Behind Viljami, top Portugese driver Bruno Coehlo again made up three places to finish 5th with Serpent’s Marc Fischer completing the Top 6 ahead of Rheinard.


In the Xray Pro Stock class Lars Hoppe completed the perfect weekend to claim his first ETS victory.  The ARC team driver has been in a league of his own in the Sport-V-Hotel track taking all four rounds of qualifying and back up his A1 win with another crushing victory in A2.  While Hoppe was as Scotty Ernst famously says ‘checked out, gone’, behind the German the early battle was again between team-mate Jan Ratheisky and Marek Cerny.  With the Xray’s battling and slowing themselves up a third T4, that of Valentin Hettrich , joined the battle.  On lap 9 champion Cerny would get up on the curbing causing him to spin out.  With Hettrich now challenging last year’s race winner Ratheisky this allowed Serpent’s Julian Borowski to close in.  Unfortunately on the penultimate lap Borowski would tag Hettrich and although he waited on his fellow countryman the challenge was over.  In Formula Top Qualifier Ratheisky  looked to bag the overall win in the bag but a mistake with 1-minute to go would allow former Champion Herbert Weber’s CRC through for the win setting the stage for the race to be decided in A3.




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Sunday, December 7, 2014

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2014/15 Final Standings (Round 1 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Völker Ronald - 155pts
2. Hagberg Alexander - 153pts
3. Prümper Yannic - 152pts
4. Rheinard Marc - 152pts
5. Kutvonen Viljami - 150pts
6. Coelho Bruno - 149pts
7. Levanen Juho - 148pts
8. Fischer Marc - 147pts
9. Wilck Viktor - 146pts
10.Hudy Martin - 145pts
11.Stadler Dionys - 144pts
12.Cerny Marek - 143pts
13.Borowski Julian - 142pts
14.Orlowski Michal - 141pts
15.Ratheisky Jan - 140pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Hoppe Lars - 156pts
2. Ratheisky Jan - 153pts
3. Hettrich Valentin - 152pts
4. Gosvig Mike - 151pts
5. Kreder Markus - 150pts
6. Hofer Martin - 149pts
7. Cerny Marek - 148pts
8. Borowski Julian - 147pts
9. Bopp Bernhard - 146pts
10.Mächler Max - 145pts
11.Vogel Tobias - 144pts
12.Streit Tony - 143pts
13.Gassauer Patrick - 142pts
14.Stocker Alexander - 141pts
15.Homburg Kevin - 140pts

Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 156pts
2. Weber Herbert - 153pts
3. Ehrbar David - 152pts
4. Martini Francesco - 151pts
5. Kölbel René - 150pts
6. Pichler Roman - 149pts
7. Sperr Johannes - 148pts
8. Bultynck Olivier - 147pts
9. Delise Nicolas - 146pts
10.Raimann Daniel - 145pts

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