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Coelho claims 1st carpet win at ETS Germany


Bruno Coelho has claimed his first carpet win of the Euro Touring Series, the Portuguese driver leading an Xray 1-2 at the second round of the championship in Germany.  Starting the weekend by securing his first TQ on carpet, the 2-time asphalt ETS race winner would flip in A1 handing team-mate Alexander Hagberg the win but a faultless A2 would set the stage for a showdown in the deciding third leg.  While clearly having improved his pace for A3, Hagberg would push Coelho hard but the Vice-World Champion had enough in reserve to cement the win.  In what was somewhat a battle of the second division such was Xray’s pace all weekend, it was Marc Rheinard who would claim the final step on the podium.  The result means Coelho now moves into the joint lead of the championship standings with Round 1 winner Rheinard. Even though he would get passed Rheinard in A3, Ronald Volker would finish fourth with the result marking the Yokomo driver’s first time to miss the podium on carpet since he began his current 5-consecutive seasons reign as ETS champion.


‘Super good’ was how Coelho summed up his 3rd ETS win, this weekend being only his 8th outing in championship.  Describing his new Hobbywing powered T4 as being ‘good all weekend’, the 22-year-old said ‘This race was a big step forward for me on carpet. Last year I finished 8th and now I managed to get the TQ & win. I want to congratulate the whole team as we got four cars in the final, finished 1-2, won Formula and made the podium in Pro Stock’.  Commenting on A3, he said ‘For sure he (Hagberg) pushed much more but I was still comfortable with my car and he didn’t ever get close enough to try to pass’.  Finishing off his rookie season very strong winning the final two outdoor rounds to end up 3rd overall and now a competitive force on carpet, he said he was looking forward to carrying that momentum into the final indoor event on the calendar in Austria in early April.


Making a set-up change for A3, Hagberg said this ‘improved (the) car a lot’ and he ‘felt (he) finally had a car to challenge for 1st place but didn’t really find a place to overtake’.  Finishing second having dominated the event in 2014, he ‘wished (he) had changed the car earlier’.  With himself and Coelho ‘setting the pace from the start (of the event)’ the Swede said he was ‘very happy with how the team worked together’ to achieve and maintain this and he feels they go into the final carpet round in very good shape.


‘In the end that was all we could do this weekend’, was Rheinard’s view of the weekend. Having opened the season with a strong win and won the Muelheim-Kaerlich event last year, the 4-time World Champion said the weekend was far from their expectations but added he was ‘still happy to finish on the podium’.  Admitting Xray have a ‘good car’, the ETS most winning driver said they have the big advantage of being able to test extensively at the Hudy Arena on the same ETS carpet.  With his TRF team making a big step forward for Round 1 with the TRF419, he said what he had this weekend was not as good as before with the feeling of the car taking a step backwards adding ‘we have a lot of work to do to be ready for the next race’. Asked about A3, he said he was lucky to finish 4th as a contact with the barriers while trying to fend off Volker left him to run the rest of the race with a cracked C-Hub, with him luckily able to hold off team-mate Akio Sobue to get 3rd on the tie break with Volker.


Once the master of carpet races with victory for the German a foregone conclusion at the start of the weekend, Volker said he was ‘definitely a bit disappointed as 3rd was possible but the 3rd final was not enough’.  Feeling they ‘didn’t realise their full potential as in Hrotovice’ he continued that while ‘the new car is amazing on carpet’, him winning easily ahead of Hagberg and Coelho at the DHI Cup, he said they still haven’t cracked the ETS carpet.  With the ETS organisers leaving the track in place and offering the drivers the opportunity to do a day’s testing tomorrow, Volker is hopeful the test will help them put that right.


In the Xray Pro Stock class, A3 would also be the decider after Top Qualifier & A1 winner Tony Streit made a mistake in A2 giving Mike Gosvig the win.  With Gosvig having a fraught opening few laps putting the Dane out of contention, it was now a battle between Streit and Ratheisky for the overall win.  Leading for 16 of the 20 laps from the ETS Czech winner, Streit would get out of shape with the lost momentum enough to allow Ratheisky to go to the front. Leaving the two drivers tied on points, Streit’s perfect run in A1 was faster giving the German his second ever ETS win after a four year wait.  Making it a great weekend for Awesomatix, having failed to get any cars into the A-Main at the season opener, Bernhard Bopp’s A800 would complete the podium.  With Ratheisky having wrapped up the Formula win in A2, leg 3 would be won by Olivier Bultynck, giving him second on his debut with Roche with Serpent’s David Ehrbar claiming the final step on the podium.







View complete event results here.

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Euro Touring Series Rd2 – Sunday Action

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Live results from be found on MyRCM here.

For viewers in Germany you can install the free browser addon YT Unblocker or ProxTube to allow you to view the live stream.

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Guest Photographer – Michal Orlowski


In the first of what we hope will be a regular race weekend feature, Red RC set factory Schumacher driver Michal Orlowski a small challenge at Round 2 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series.  Handing him over one of our Nikon D4 cameras, we asked the 14-year-old to come up with a selection of 12 photos.  With some tuition from our chief photographer Ricky Acciari this is what Michal shot (well he shot 100s of photos with Ricky selecting these as his best). Turns out the European 4WD Offroad Champion has a pretty good eye for photos.

Image Gallery

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Video – Mod, Pro Stock & Formula A2

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Coelho wins A2 with faultless drive


Having rolled his Xray on the first lap of the opening A-Main at ETS Germany, Bruno Coelho put in a faultless A2 drive to win comfortably ahead of A1 winner Alexander Hagberg and Ronald Volker.  While the Top Qualifier ran an error free race the same couldn’t be said for others with Marc Rheinard, Viljami Kutvonen and Yannic Prümper all breaking their cars.  Prümper wouldn’t even last a lap, an error sending him right into the path of 10th place start Marco Kaufmann with the massive impact putting both cars out in the spot.


‘Without mistakes the car is super fast’ was how Coelho summed up what was an uneventful race for the Portuguese driver.  Winning by 8/10th of a second he said after his A1 error he ‘drove safely and all was ok’.  Having finished 8th in the first final, the win leaves the 22-year-old perfect poised to claim his first ETS win on carpet.


The benefactor of his team-mate error in opening final, Hagberg was happy with his race to 2nd having seen off the attentions of both Rheinard and Volker saying ‘they never really had a chance to pass’. With Coelho able to pull away the Swede said his focus was to protect his 2nd describing Volker’s last lap last corner attempt to pass as a ‘desperate move’. Looking for more steering from his T4 for the final leg, the 2014 event winner said he would try to fight with his team-mate for the win.


Having got caught up in Rheinard’s first lap A1 error, Volker said of A2 ‘it was a better first lap’ but added ‘I didn’t feel I had the pace at the beginning’.  Coming under serious attack from the Awesomatix of Kutvonen until the fast Finn made contact with the serrated edge of corner barrier which shifted the entire rear end of his A800, the Yokomo driver after this ‘went in all’ to try and catch the leaders.  Within 2-laps of Kutvonen’s retirement, on lap 7 Rheinard would suffer the same faith. Closing on Hagberg, Volker said he ‘tried an aggressive move that didn’t pay but gladly didn’t mess up anyone’s race’.  Not sure why his BD7 lacked traction over the early minutes of the race he said they need to get this figured out for A3.


Rheinard, pointing out the serrated side of the flexible corner section should be on the inside not out on the racing side, said the contact broke a C-Hub on his Tamiya.  Having changed the set-up on his TRF419 after struggling in A1, he said the car was better allowing him to ‘push harder’. With the Xrays ‘looking not as fast as before’ the ETS Czech winner added had he not made his ‘stupid mistake’ ‘it could have been interesting’.


In the Serpent Formula class, A2 would produce the first overall winner in Muelheim-Kaerlich as Top Qualifier Jan Ratheisky again took a tone to tone win.  The reigning 3-time Champion’s second win of the season, the Xray driver will head to Round 3 with a commanding lead in the standings.  Behind Ratheisky, after retiring from A1 David Ehrbar took his Serpent to 2nd in A2, followed by the Roche of Olivier Bultynck holding off Masami Hirosaka for third.


For Pro Stock Top Qualifier and A1 winner Tony Streit, a kiss of the barrier coming onto the straight meant he would end a 4 year winning drought.  Helped to a comfortable lead when the no.2 starting Ratheisky rolled on the opening lap, on lap 2 his Awesomatix would suffer a body tuck on the main straight after rubbing the barrier, dropping the German to 9th.  This would hand Xray’s Mike Gosvig the lead with the Dane seeing off an intense challenge from Awesomatix pairing Bernhard Bopp and Maxim Laverychev, the Russian having a late bobble but still holding on for third.




View complete event results here.

View the event image gallery here.

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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd2

Volante Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 308pts
2. Coelho Bruno - 308pts
3. Völker Ronald - 304pts
4. Hagberg Alexander - 304pts
5. Stadler Dionys - 297pts
6. Prümper Yannic - 296pts
7. Kutvonen Viljami - 294pts
8. Harper Elliott - 294pts
9. Jefferies Olly - 292pts
10.Vejrak Meen - 288pts
11.Jasmin Loic - 282pts
12.Krapp Christopher - 282pts
13.Orlowski Michal - 282pts
14.Fischer Marc - 279pts
15.Urbain Lucas - 276pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 309pts
2. Cerny Marek - 301pts
3. Johannessen Helge - 301pts
4. Krägefski Tom - 299pts
5. Gosvig Mike - 299pts
6. Bopp Bernhard - 294pts
7. Hofer Martin - 292pts
8. Hoppe Lars - 290pts
9. Mächler Max - 284pts
10.Benson Tim - 283pts
11.Kreder Markus - 283pts
12.Rettke Jan - 276 pts
13.Vogel Tobias - 275pts
14.Mikkelsen Frederik - 272 pts
15.Hettrich Valentin - 272pts

Serpent Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 312pts
2. Bultynck Olivier - 305pts
3. Ehrbar David - 298pts
4. Weber Herbert - 297pts
5. Martini Francesco - 295pts
6. Kölbel René - 294pts
7. Miedema Jitse - 292pts
8. Donath Christian - 291pts
9. Stocker Alexander - 291pts
10.Peter Miko - 291pts

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