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Monday, May 4, 2015

Volker secures 2nd win of ETS Season #8


Ronald Volker has won the fourth round of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series, the win in Austria marking the reigning champion as the first double winner of Season #8.  An A3 showdown between the Yokomo driver and Tamiya’s star of the weekend Akio Sobue, Top Qualifier Volker wouldn’t put a wheel wrong to secure the overall win ahead of the Japanese A1 winning driver.  Securing third in A3 after team-mate Bruno Coelho crashed on the penultimate lap, Xray’s Alexander Hagberg would complete the podium at the second running of the fahr(T)raum hosted event.


‘Very very excited to end a tough weekend with the win’, was Volker’s reaction to his 12th ETS race win.  After the disappointment of Italy where having TQ’d he only finished 4th, he said to get the TQ and win today was the perfect weekend in terms of his quest for a fifth consecutive ETS title.  Commenting the final race of the weekend, Volker said he was never comfortable over the 5-minutes saying his tyres that had done all four of the qualifiers and the previous two finals were ‘absolutely done’.  Lacking overall traction from the start it got worse over the run and he said he was fully on the limit trying to stay ahead of Sobue.  With Round 5 taking drivers to Luxembourg, a track where Volker clinched the title last year and says is his favourite track, he is feeling pretty confident about the championship with rivals such as Marc Rheinard and his own team-mate Yannic Prumper having not had a good weekend in Austria.


On his second ever ETS outing, his first being last years season finale at the Hudy Arena, Sobue was very happy to finish competitive on the podium.  The 20-year-old was however a little dissapointed that he didn’t get the opportunity to race Volker for the win in A3 but said his tyres where done after A2 so he had no chance.  With his performance contrasting that of his high profile team-mates, Sobue said he was looking forward to more ETS outings with RF engineer Takayuki Kono confirming he will travel to Luxembourg although Sobue said he is not sure he will like such a big track.


Hagberg said while ‘of course (he is) happy to be on the podium’, he was also disappointed with the fact that having had such a good car yesterday the conditions today left him struggling.  The Swede said with this in mind the podium was a good result and also good for the overall championship.  Commenting on his weekend Coelho said ‘today was not to be my day’.  A driver to bring an new air of interest into touring car with his aggressive driving style, the Portuguese driver said he made too cautious a start to A3.  Having broken a rear tyre and had to glue it for A3 he said this also left his T4 slightly unbalanced but a set-up change for the race made it ‘super good’.  Able to catch Volker, unfortunately he would slide wide at the end of the straight after hitting a damp patch and this let Sobue through to second.  Trying to retake the place, adding he had nothing to lose, he had an off.  Not dwelling on the weekend the 21-year-old said ‘we will try again in Luxembourg’ many predicting its only a matter of time before he joins the exclusive list of ETS race winners.


Finishing fourth, ETS Italy winner Yannic Prumper said nothing more was possible’.  The Yokomo driver said ‘luckily Bruno crashed each time or I would be leaving with fifth place points instead of fourth’.  With Luxembourg his favourite track the 21-year-old was confident he would be back at the front for Round 5.


With Serpent completing the Top 6 with Marc Fischer and Viktor Wilck, Fischer said ‘last year I was fourth this year I am fifth so I suppose it was an OK weekend and for sure was better than Italy’.  Looking to Luxembourg he said ‘myself, Viktor & Jirka (Hassler) will work hard on it and hopefully it can be a good race for us’.


In Formula, which would also be decided in A3, it was also the reigning champion that would take home the biggest trophy with Jan Ratheisky taking a tone to tone win.  His challenger, A2 winner David Erhbar saw his race ruined in the first few corners as he got hit from behind from Mike Gosvig.  In the end ETS Italy winner Erhbar’s Serpent would finish second overall with Jacques Libar completing the podium. With Lars Hoppe wrapping up the Xray Pro Stock win in A2, A3 would decide who joined him on the podium. Gosvig would head home Ratheisky and that is the order they finished in the overall results behind Hoppe.







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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Euro Touring Series Rd4 – Sunday Action

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Live results from be found on MyRCM here.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Video – Modified, Pro Stock & Formula Leg 2

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Volker wins A2 from Sobue


After the dramas of A1 Ronald Volker took an easy win in the second A-Main at ETS Austria, the Yokomo driver heading home the Tamiya of A1 winner Akio Sobue by 2.4 seconds as Bruno Coelho retired early after putting his Xray in the boards of the temporary track.  Alexander Hagberg would complete the Top 3, the Xray driver struggling as the track had even less traction than A1 when he finished a close second to Sobue.


‘A2 was a different, much better story for me and I was able to run a clean safe race’, that was how Volker summed up the second of the three A-Mains.  With the result putting the Top Qualifier in a strong position to wrap up his 12th ETS win on the difficult to overtake track, the German said conditions were tricky second time round as overall traction was lower.  The problem was also compounded by a number of damp spots that had developed as drops of water from the outside found their way through the roof joints of the massive marquee the track is housed in.  Volker said he had to adjust his line to a tighter one at the end of the straight and at the middle hairpin to avoid getting his tyres wet.  After 3-minutes Sobue lost pace and he was able to cruise to the finish adding he hopes for a ‘repeat clean race for the next one’.


Sobue, who at worst will claim his first ETS podium in a top 2 position, said he struggled with no traction at the start after hitting a damp spot.  While the tyres came back after a number of laps and he was able to match Volker on pace, his fastest lap slightly faster, he said he couldn’t make up the time lost as his tyres were done.  Unfortunately with new tyres a big disadvantage in the low traction conditions, the track having had high bit last year, the Japanese driver said he has no choice but to continue with the same tyres forA3.


Hagberg said it was ‘a shame that we have to race in these conditions and the outside rain is affecting the race’, the Swede’s comments in reference to the damp patches.   Although he would record the fastest lap of the race he described his ORCA powered T4 as ‘worse than A1′ as he struggled to keep up with the leaders and was just trying to maintain his position for the 5-minutes in the end finishing 9/10th of a second ahead of Yannic Prumper.  The 2-time ETS race winner said he had no choice than to change his set-up for the closing race of the event if he is to stand a chance of keeping up.  Team-mate Coelho said his T4 had no traction and as a result he lost the rear end.  With the car crashing heavily into the track’s wooden boards the impact would break the right steering hub forcing instant  reirement after just 2-laps.


In the Xray Pro-Stock class Lars Hoppe became the first crowned winner of the Mattsee event as he backed up his A1 result with another convincing win over Mike Gosvig and Jan Ratheisky.  Hoppe’s second win of Season #8 of the ETS, the result together with the bonus point for the overall TQ puts the ARC driver right into contention for the title especially given that defending champion Marek Cerny is struggling this weekend.  Having last year been a strong race contender in Luxembourg, venue for the next round of the championship, the German says he is already looking forward to the event which takes place at the end of this month.  In Formula things looked like going the way of Ratheisky until ETS Italy winner David Erhbar pulled off a great move on the final round down the straight to get is Serpent passed the Xray and forced the the decider to go to A3.




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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Video – Modified, Pro Stock & Formula Leg 1

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

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2014/15 Championship Standings (Rd4 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Völker Ronald - 616pts
2. Prümper Yannic - 610pts
3. Hagberg Alexander - 605pts
4. Rheinard Marc - 604pts
5. Coelho Bruno - 595pts
6. Wilck Viktor - 588pts
7. Fischer Marc - 578pts
8. Kaufmann Marco - 564pts
9. Südhoff Frederik - 558pts
10.Stadler Dionys - 557pts
11.Orlowski Michal - 552pts
12.Kutvonen Viljami - 542pts
13.Simurda Kuba - 513pts
14.Romagnoli Michele - 490pts
15.Widmer Fabian - 478pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Cerny Marek - 605pts
2. Gosvig Mike - 598pts
3. Hofer Martin - 596pts
4. Mächler Max - 583pts
5. Heitsch Henrik - 579pts
6. Gassauer Patrick - 574pts
7. Hettrich Valentin - 572pts
8. Sperr Johannes - 539pts
9. Catelani Nico - 534pts
10. Schneider Marvin - 514pts
11.Wagner Manuel - 508pts
12.Kölbel René - 502pts
13.Rettke Jan - 481pts
14.Hoppe Lars - 461pts
15.Ratheisky Jan - 457pts

Formula class
1. Ehrbar David - 608pts
2. Kölbel René - 586pts
3. Weber Herbert - 577pts
4. Wurmhöringer Markus - 556pts
5. Libar Jacques - 548pts
6. Leonardi Simone - 540pts
7. Forrai Gabor - 537pts
8. Klausner Michael - 523pts
9. Schuster Tobias - 515pts
10.Kovacs Zoltan - 500pts

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