October 18, 2009

Rheinard takes Q5, Wilck on pole

Rheinard takes Q5, Wilck on pole

The final round of qualifying for the 2009/10 Xenon Racing Euro Touring Series saw current World Champion Marc Rheinard set a blistering pace as he took the round in a new fastest time of 26 laps in 5:02.773. Also setting a new outright fastest lap for the Kastellaun event with an 11.299, the factory Tamiya driver will line up second on the grid behind team-mate Viktor Wilck who secures his second consecutive ETS pole having started last season’s finale in Andernach from the front.

Marc Rheinard

Wilck predicts a close and difficult race as the high traction has made the cars hard to drive and avoiding mistakes is going to be key to taking the win. The Swedes’ thoughts are echoed by all the front runners who expect each leg to be action packed. Rheinard, the winner here last year, said passing will be extremely hard without flipping, while 2007 race winner Juho Levanen thinks there will be a lot of crashes. The factory Associated driver admits it will be difficult to challenge the Tamiya drivers who have found something that has given them edge over the rest of the field but due to the tricky conditions he hasn’t given up fully on taking the win. Levanen will have his hands full with the third member of the Tamiya team with Yannic Prumper who starts fourth. The 15-year-old took his first international win on carpet and won the opening qualifier here so he has the pace.

Rheinard takes Q5, Wilck on pole

Heading the Xray challenge are Alexander Hagberg and Elliot Harper who line-up 5th and 6th just ahead of Yokomo’s Ronald Volker while Dominik Fleischmann makes it 5 different brands of car in the final with his Hot Bodies Cyclone. The other players in the A-Main will be Teemu Leino who starts 8th after a strong Q5 lifted him into the Top 10. Completing the grid will be current Nitro Touring Car European Champion Dirk Wischnewski.

Modified A-Main Grid
1. Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya/Speedpassion 4.0
2. Marc Rheinard (D) – Tamiya/Speedpassion 4.5
3. Juho Levanen (FI) – Associated/LRP 5.0
4. Yannic Prümper (D) – Tamiya/Speedpassion 5.5
5. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray/LRP 5.5
6. Elliott Harper (GB) – Xray/Nosram 5.5
7. Ronald Völker – Yokomo/LRP 5.5
8. Teemu Leino – Xray/Orion 4.5
9. Dominik Fleischmann – Hot Bodies/LRP 5.5
10.Dirk Wischnewski – Xray/LRP 5.5

Alexander Stocker

In Pro Stock Alexander Stocker gave the rest of the field a master class in how to drive a 13.5 turn electric Touring Car as he produced the fastest qualifier of the event to secure pole for the A-Main. The Hot Bodies driver, who is chasing his third consecutive Kastellaun ETS win, looks untouchable despite the quality grid line up which includes two 2008/09 ETS race winners. Lining up second on the grid, Stocker’s starting spot here last year, is Martin Hofer who was the only other driver to TQ a round in qualifying but the Yokomo team driver needs to stop making mistakes. Andernach race winner Matthias Lang starts third which should allow the Xray driver to challenge while Mike Treder makes it four different cars at the front of the grid having put in an impressive performance at the controls of his Tamiya.

Pro Stock A-Main Grid
1. Alexander Stocker (D) – Hot Bodies
2. Martin Hofer (D) – Yokomo
3. Matthias Lang (D) – Xray
4. Mike Treder (D) – Tamiya
5. Ivan Laptev (RU) – Tamiya
6. Daniel Wohlgemuth (D) – Xray
7. Tommy Bergfeldt (SE) – Hot Bodies
8. Zdenko Kunák (SK) – Xray
9. Fabian Bucher (DE) – Xray
10.Stefan Jansen (NL) – Xray

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October 17, 2009

Wilck holds overnight TQ at ETS Opener

Viktor Wilck overnight pole

Day 2 of the opening round of the 2009/10 Xenon Racing Euro Touring Series has closed and it is Tamiya factory driver Viktor Wilck who holds the overnight Top Qualifier’s stop.  The Swede took the penultimate qualifier adding to his TQ run for Q3 when he also pipped his TRF team-mate Marc Rheinard for maximum points. Leaving his Speedpassion powered car unchanged from Q3, Wilck came close but was unable to better his previous time however he declared himself as pretty happy with the run. Rheinard was not so happy just missing out a TQ run which he so badly needed.  Scoring another second the current World Champion and winner here last year will not be repeating his number 1 starting spot this time round.

Ronald Volker managed the third fastest time for Q4 despite having not yet found a set-up that is to his liking.  The Yokomo driver said his BD5 is suffering with understeer but he hopes overnight changes to the set-up will allow him to challenge for the fastest time in the morning.  Juho Levanen, who together with European Junior Champion Yannick Prumper are the only drivers left in the hunt for pole in the A-Main, said he was pleased with his run but admitted the Tamiya team have found something that is going to make them hard to beat. Fastest in the opening qualifier Prumper was fifth fastest with another of the sport’s young guns Elliot Harper completing the Top 6 for Xray.

Kyosho team driver Christopher Krapp was seventh fastest but needs to finish higher in the final qualifying round if he is to avoid taking BQ honours as he sits 11th in the overnight ranking.  The German National Champion said he had to drive his Orion powered Stallion very smoothly but hopes changes to the set up will allow him to push harder and get strong points in Q5.

Pro Stock pole men

In Pro Stock Alexander Stocker notched up his third TQ run for Hot Bodies ahead the only man that can deny him starting from pole, Martin Hofer.  Hofer has the chance to snatch the overall TQ from Stocker in the final qualifier in the morning but he must beat his fellow German’s fastest time.  Setting the third fastest time Tamiya driver Mike Treder once again surprised himself claiming his second Top 3 run of the day.

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October 17, 2009

Tamiya bounce back as Wilck takes Q3

Tamiya bounce back as Wilck takes Q3

The Tamiya team have bounced back in the third qualifier here in Kastellaun with Viktor Wilck heading Marc Rheinard at the top of the time sheets with a new TQ run. Having looked in real trouble in second qualifying, the team’s return to form was a result of some unusual outside assistance in the form of top Pro Stock racer Alexander Stocker. Stocker recommended a number of changes, getting stuck in himself by making the series of small adjustments on Rheinard’s TRF416X.  Wilck, who is running the 416WE he used at the European Championship with most of the X modifications, did his own wrenching but both drivers were much happier with the changes that made the cars much easier to drive and back into contention for overall TQ honours.

Juho Levanen

Third fastest and retaining the provisional overall Top Qualifier spot, Juho Levanen was really pleased with his Associated but said he messed up the run driving too cautiously over the latter part of the 5-minute run. Top Xray for the round was Elliot Harper who recorded the fourth fastest time, but the British driver said his T3 was on the edge.  Next up was Q1 pace setter Yannick Prumper with former full factory Associated driver Joel Myberg, who is now driving an Xray, completing the Top 6.

Pro Stock scrutiny

In Pro Stock Alexander Stocker notched up his second TQ run despite losing the front anti-roll bar out of his Hot Bodies. A good run by Russian Tamiya driver Ivan Laptev, who is making his ETS debut this weekend, saw him post the second fastest time ahead of Xray’s Matthias Lang.

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October 17, 2009

ETS Kastellaun – New in the Pits

Orcan Audi A5

German brand Orcan have given us an exclusive look at their new Audi A5 190mm touring car body. Based on the 200mm version that has proved so successful on the track, this new shell has been adapted to the electric chassis following many tests with the help of team driver Freddy Sudhoff. It will be EFRA homologated when released in the new year.

GM Generation 2

Seen in the Yokomo BD5 of front running Pro Stock racer Martin Hofer, the pre production GM Generation 2 is the follow up the Genius 120, which is expected to be released before the end of the year. Sporting the same case as the speedo it replaces, it has completely new internals and is optimised for use with LiPo packs, featuring a number of nice options to protect the motor if it starts to run too hot, as well as other features to make it easier to re wire and mount in the car.

Xenon Spur & Pinion

Primary sponsor of the ETS, Xenon Racing not only have their new tires and wheels in use as the control tire in Kastellaun, they also have shown off the World’s largest pinion (70T) and the smallest spur gear (60T). Designed for use in oval racing chassis’ they can in theory fit any current touring car thanks to the spur’s new multi mounting hole system.

Speedpassion Tamiya LiPo chassis

Speedpassion have shown off their new LiPo chassis for the Tamiya TRF416. Featuring a separate chassis and battery plate, the heavy steel plate has holes to accept hard cased LiPos with cell bumps and slots nicely into the chassis keeping the weight low down in the car. Currently only in prototype form there are no concrete plans for a release.

Speedpassion Competition 3.0 13.5 turn motor

Also new from Speedpassion is the Competition 3.0 13.5 turn motor which has made a successful debut as the Pro Stock handout motor for the 2009/10 Euro Touring series. Based on the motor used by Jilles Groskamp to win the European Championship it too features the new can and sensor plate mounted plugs, and is part of the complete new range of turns available for this motor.

Xray T3 chassis

Xray are of course debuting their new T3 chassis and it has so far been performing very well. We don’t need to give you any more details on the new car from the Slovakian manufacturer, as we already have full information available on our website here.

Hudy chassis cell weight

Seen mounted to the chassis plate of Martin Hudy is their new Hudy cell slot weights that add weight without raising the LiPo pack significantly. These are in the final stages of production and are believed to be released soon.

Advanced Electronics Speedo

Advanced Electronics are present from Sweden and they have their pre production speed controller in action here in the car of Tommy Bergfeldt and a few others. Having dominated the 1/12th stock classes at the IIC, this new speedo has been designed with new LiPo rules in mind and drivers who have used the speedo have seen big boosts in top speed. Expected to be released soon.

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October 17, 2009

Levanen goes top in German

Juho Levanen

Juho Levanen has moved into the provisional Top Qualifiers position in Kastellaun, German, after taking his Associated TC5 to a new fastest time in the second round of qualifying at Round 1 of the Xenon Racing Euro Touring Series. After a disappointing first heat, the two time European Champion recorded 26 laps in 5:06.491 to top the round from Xray pairing of Elliot Harper and Alexander Hagberg.  The Finnish ace said he was much happier with the run but admitted his car is not the fastest but he is managing to keep the wheels on the ground while others are traction rolling.

Elliot Harper

16-year-old Harper said that grip levels continue to increase making it more and more difficult with each run to keep the car on four wheels.  Suffering a roll himself during Q2, the British driver said he is not sure what to try next to cure a problem that is plaguing all the front runners.  Hagberg is one driver who seems to have found something that works but the Swede’s second run was hampered by traffic.

Viktor Wilck

Finishing fifth, behind Ronald Volker’s Yokomo, Viktor Wilck managed a new outright fastest lap of 11.404 despite his Tamiya suffering chronic traction roll.  With team-mates Marc Rheinard and Q1 Top Qualifier Yannick Prumper both experiencing the same difficulty, the Tamiya team appear to be most affected by the super high grip. Wilck said they have some small ideas they will try for the third round of qualifying to try and get them back in the hunt for TQ honours.  Former World Champion Andy Moore had such bad traction roll he pulled his Hot Bodies in after 3 minutes.

In Pro Stock Yokomo’s Martin Hofer set a new fastest time to top the second qualifier ahead of Q1 top qualifier Alexander Stocker.  The German, who had a poor opening qualifier, lowered his BD5 and glued up the tyre walls resulting which he said transformed the car allowing him to record 25 laps in 5:06.454.  Hofer also switched to a new preproduction GM Racing speedo which he said gave him better top speed.  Delighted to set a very impressive new fastest lap for Pro Stock with a 11.755, Stocker wasn’t so happy with himself in the run saying, ‘Car was pretty good, driver was pretty bad. Setting the third fastest time was Daniel Wohlgemuth.  Runner up in last season’s ETS, the German described the run as good but said his Xray T2 ‘009 was on the edge. He will make changes to reduce the steering and also plans to run heavier shock oil.

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