Euro Touring Series Rd2 – Saturday Action

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Chassis Focus – Lucas Urbain


Chassis – VBC Wildfire D08
Motor – Muchmore Fleta 5.5T
ESC – Muchmore Fleta Pro
Batteries – Silverback 6300mAh
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – French team driver Lucas Urbain is at his first ETS outing with the newly released Wildfire D08. The car features new bulkheads, a new motor mount, a new chassis design and a different plastic compound. Lucas is driving an example that sports a pre-production aluminium chassis and prototype lower shock towers and shorter shocks.

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Rheinard takes Q3 as Xray reign self destructs


Marc Rheinard took a somewhat surprise TQ in the penultimate round of qualifying at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany. Having struggled with sixth in the opening two qualifiers, the Tamiya took a close run TQ over his arch rival Ronald Volker but only after the Xray reign self destructed when Bruno Coelho rolled while poised to secure the overall TQ and then Alexander Hagberg crashed as a result of a rear belt failure.  In the end Rheinard would snatch the TQ by 0.182 of second, with Akio Sobue completing the Top 3.


‘Hard work’ was how Rheinard summed up his TQ round, the German missing out on a 23-lap run by just over 4/10ths.  Making changes to his Muchmore powered TRF419, the championship leader said the car ‘was better but still can flip easy’.  ‘For sure an improvement’ he added the ‘chicane was the biggest problem’.  Admitting that ‘if Xray didn’t break they would still be top’, last year’s event Top Qualifier and race winner said he was driving on the edge every lap because compared to Hrotovice, where he won the season opener, the grip is much higher.  Looking to make the car easier to drive he will mke further sert-up changes for the final qualifier.


Giving his reaction to Q3, Volker said ‘It was a solid second but there was more to get’.  The 5-time reigning Champion continued ‘as the Xrays crashed I would like to have got ahead of Marc. I was pushing super hard while behind him but then slightly tapped the boards and that cost me the few tenths I needed’.  Having got his car ‘easier to drive through some corners’ he said they still need to find a bit more pace and if not he is ‘probably only start fourth’.  For the final qualifier he said he hopes they can ‘get rid of some understeer without making the car edgy’.


Having dominated proceeding since the 2-minute practice last night after the carpet change, Coelho took full responsibility for his mistake on lap 13 of 22 that left him with a P16. ‘I touched the curb coming onto the straight and that was the TQ done for me’. Dropping to last in the top heat, he would then go on to post the fastest lap of the race with his first pole position on carpet looking like only a formality with Rheinard needing to TQ the final heat with a 23 lap in under 5:12.421.  Dominating this event two years ago, Hagberg was clearly frustrated at losing out on a TQ run keen to highlight his crash on the straight was caused by ‘something (breaking) on the car’.  The car’s designer Martin Hudy would later confirm the rear belt had broken on the Swede’s car.


Sobue said his P3 was a good result but the Japanese National Champion was not very happy with his Tamiya.  Making a shock change, the 22-year-old ETS podium finisher said it left him with too much rear traction.  Happy with his car in Q2 he will revert back to that shock set-up along with a few tweaks to the current chassis set up.  For compatriot Naoto Matsukura an error on the main straight while on a strong run means the World Champion’s ETS carpet debut will not see him lining up on the A-Main grid.  Pulling a wheel off his TRF419, his best of the three qualifiers is a 29th in Q1.


Fourth fastest would be Viljami Kutvonen, the Awesomatix driver saying the run was ‘not perfect’ as he suffered a body tuck on the third lap.  Having Rheinard behind him then for three & a half minutes, he would hit a curb and had to let the 4-time World Champion go.  The Finn said without this he could have been in the mix.  Reducing the rear toe-in on his A800, he said it was better but he plans further tweaks for Q4.  With the points very close he said his target for the final qualifier is a Top 3 run to give him the best starting position possible.


Elliott Harper would be next up taking his Schumacher Mi5 Evo to the fifth fastest time.  10th in Q1, the British National Champion and Round 1 A-Finalist said ‘I could drive around that time’ adding the run was ‘nothing special, I just kept it on the track’.  Having struggled with traction roll in the opening two qualifiers, the World Championship podium finisher said while the car was better he still needs to fine tune the set-up for the last one to make it easier to drive.


With his senior team-mates crashing out it would be Dionys Stadler who was the best Xray for the round with a P6.  Changing from a Mazda Speed 6 to an LTC-R bodyshell, the 19-year-old said this gave him more speed in the corners with him adding the car was ‘perfect’.  Getting his ETS Season off to a very strong start in Czech where he finished 6th, the German will leave his T4 unchanged for the final qualifier as he aims for another A-Main start.  Behind him, team-mates Marco Kaufmann & Olly Jefferies posted the 7th & 8th fastest times respectively with Yokomo’s Yannic Prumper and VBC’s Lucas Urbain completing the Top 10.

View complete event results here.

View the event image gallery here.

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Chassis Focus – Oliver Bultynck


Chassis – Roche Rapide Formula 1
Motor – Hobbywing (handout)
ESC – Hobbywing (handout)
Batteries – LRP 4300mAh “Stock Spec”
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Futaba
Bodyshell – Protoform F15
Remarks – Top Belgian driver and Formula class front runner Oliver Bultynck is another driver debuting a new car here in Muelheim-Kaerlich, running the brand new Rapide Formula 1 from Hong-Kong based company Roche. The design features a floating servo mount and a very narrow chassis with plastic mounts for the links. Front camber and caster are adjustable by changing or rotating the upper plate, while the rear roll centre is adjustable simply by adding or removing shims on the axle support.

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Coelho again in Q2


The second round of qualifying at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany was a repeat of Q1 as Xray again topped the time sheets with Bruno Coelho fastest ahead of team-mate Alexander Hagberg. Behind the Xrays it was Yokomo who provided the greatest challenge with Yannic Prumper completing the Top 3 ahead of reigning Champion Ronald Volker.  For championship leader and 2015 event winner Marc Rheinard, the round would again only net a P6 with the German needing to turn things around for the final two qualifiers.


Getting his T4 up on two wheels at the beginning of the heat when he hit the curbing, Coelho said he was ‘a little lucky not to flip’ but other than that it was a ‘good run’.  Posting the fastest lap on his way to the only 23-lap run, the Portuguese  said small changes made to his set-up after Q1 left it ‘almost the same’.  While the car was again ‘really good’, as highlighted by his one & a half second advantage over Hagberg, for Q3 he said ‘we will try a few more things for the next one’.


Not happy with his driving in Q1, Hagberg described the second qualifier as ‘very good’.  Although he would make a mistake on lap 5, saying ‘I guess I was trying too hard’, he was particularly happy that he was able to recover the 1-second lost.  With his lap times dropping off towards the end of the 5-minutes, the 2014 event winner will make some changes to his T4 set-up to try and find more pace at the end.


Describing his BD7 as ‘super good at the beginning’, Prumper said  ‘I could keep up with the Xrays but then they were just gone’.  Losing steering over the run, the German said his car was ‘too soft’ leading to ‘no corner speed’ and for Q3 he will change his shock set-up.


‘Frustrated’ was how Prumper’s team-mate Volker summed up his Q2.  A two time winner in Muelheim-Kaerlich, the German said he was in the fight for a P2 but then spun his LRP powered BD7 with 3-laps to go.  Admitting to ‘being a bit off the pace to Xray’, he said to get second would have been a good result.  Changing his set-up for the heat, he said while they improved the car ‘so did the others’.  Feeling they are still in the hunt against Xray he will make further set-up changes for the penultimate qualifier.


Feeling he had good pace in the opening qualifier but spinning his Awesomatix three times on his way to a P10, a chassis change would see Viljami Kutvonen set the fifth fastest time in Q2.  Starting out with a carbon chassis on his A800 he said switching to aluminium made the car ‘much better’.  Happy with how quickly he has been able to find a ‘good base set-up’ given the 2-minutes of practice drivers got in the good carpet, he said he will now tweak this to try and get more steering.


Traction rolling on his warm-up laps, Rheinard said he had ‘too much grip’.  Having changed car for Q2, he said the roll lead him to drive a conservative heat but still he managed to crash hitting the board at the end of the straight which  caused his servo to move.  Running in front of Prumper on the timing screens for a time, he will try harder swaybars for the third qualifier.  Behind Rheinard, his TRF team-mate Akio Sobue set the 7th fastest time followed by the Serpent of Viktor Wilck, Xray’s
Dionys Stadler and the Schumacher of British National Champion Elliott Harper.

View complete event results here.

View the event image gallery here.

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Pit Focus – Alexander Hagberg


Team: Xray
Neighbours: Martin Hudy (front), Dyonis Stadler (left)
Charger: ProSpec R
Tools: Hudy
Setup Tools: Hudy Setup System, Prolevel RC tweak board, Tworks tweak stick, Hudy downstop gauge
Car Stand: Hudy
Lipo Bag: Hudy
Transport Bag: Hudy
Features: CA Glue/Activator, Hudy pit lamp, Zero outdrives grease, ORCA program card, Sony Xperia Z3, Hudy tools bag, Moleskine notebook, Hudy fibre tape, Hiro Seiko parts tray, Balisto cereal (chocolate) bar, a random pinion.

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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd1

Volante Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 156pts
2. Völker Ronald - 153pts
3. Coelho Bruno - 152pts
4. Hagberg Alexander - 151pts
5. Prümper Yannic - 150pts
6. Stadler Dionys - 149pts
7. Jefferies Olly - 148pts
8. Harper Elliott - 147pts
9. Vejrak Meen - 146pts
10.Kutvonen Viljami - 145pts
11.Jasmin Loic - 144pts
12.Krapp Christopher - 143pts
13.Orlowski Michal - 142pts
14.Ratheisky Jan - 141pts
15.Groskamp Jilles - 140pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 156pts
2. Cerny Marek - 153pts
3. Krägefski Tom - 152pts
4. Johannessen Helge - 151pts
5. Hoppe Lars - 150pts
6. Borowski Julian - 149pts
7. Gosvig Mike - 148pts
8. Hofer Martin - 147pts
9. Mateo Toni - 146pts
10.Benson Tim - 145pts
11.Vogel Tobias - 144pts
12.Meibörg Sebastian - 143pts
13.Bopp Bernhard - 142pts
14.Kreder Markus - 141pts
15.Schneider Marvin - 140pts

Serpent Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 156pts
2. Donath Christian - 153pts
3. Bultynck Olivier - 152pts
4. Miedema Jitse - 151pts
5. Deblaere Steve - 150pts
6. Stocker Alexander - 149pts
7. Weber Herbert - 148pts
8. Miko Peter - 147pts
9. Ehrbar David - 146pts
10.Martini Francesco - 145pts

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