Rheinard TQs third qualifier at ETS


Marc Rheinard topped yet another close qualifying encounter at the second round of the ETS in Germany when the Tamiya driver claimed his first TQ run ahead of Yannic Prumper and former team-mate Viktor Wilck.  The third different driver to top qualifying in as many rounds, the result sets the stage for a three way battle between Rheinard, Prumper and defending champion Ronald Volker in the fourth & final qualifier at the Muelheim-Kaerlich event.


The Top Qualifier at the Season #8 opener in the Czech Republic but ending up only 4th in the final result, Rheinard said ‘again pretty close only this time I kept onto my few 1/10ths at the end’.  Having lost out to Volker in Q2 by 3/10ths of a second, this time round 3/10ths would be his advantage over Q1 pace setter Prumper.  Having increased the voltage to which he charges his battery for the run, the 4-time world Champion said the power was better but he feels it could be further improved. With MuchMore’s Mr. Jang on nto support his lead driver, for the final qualifier they will move the position of the fan to further away from motor so as to improve cooling to reduce any potential power drop off due to exccessive heat.


Echoing Rheinard, Prumper described the round as ‘pretty close’ but was clearly frustrated by being delayed by traffic over the final two laps which lost him the 3/10ths he needed.  Having struggled in the early part of Q2, last year’s second place finisher at this event said his BD7 was much better now after a change of tyre prep.  This fact highlighted by him recording the fastest lap of Q3 on his second lap.


Posting his first Top 3 qualifyinig run, Serpent’s new recruit Wilck was pleased to ‘finally put in a clean run’.  Losing a couple of tenths when he caught fellow Swede Alexander Hagberg in the chicane, the Xray driver having a terrible run after suffering a body tuck following contact with the boards, he said while his driving was better his car pushed a little.  Adding more front droop to his S411, he said the change made the car push too much on power and he will change back for the final round.  He will also again continue to increase the oil weight in the rear diff.


Posting the fourth fastest time, Volker said his run ht problems on the first lap after he caught a piece of tape on the track.  Struggling with understeer, he said his team-mate Prumper was getting closer every lap forcing him to open up to let him passed.  Unfortunately as he moved aside he tapped the boards further adding to the total time lost.  Having changed his tyre from Q2, he said they need to work on the car set-up for the final qualifier which will hopefully put him in a position to battle with Prumper and Rheinard for the overall TQ.


Enjoying Top 10 runs in the opening two qualifiers, Yokomo’s Loic Jasmin posted the fifth fastest time.  The French National Champion said he had a lot more overall traction after he made the switch from alu to a carbon chassis on his BD7.  Describing the car as ‘easy to drive’ he added ‘but like everyone I need more steering’ and so he will adjust either the ackermann or bump steer for his qualifier.


Again completing the Top 6, Kyosho’s Christopher Krapp said ‘I can’t get it done over the 5-minutes’.  Putting 15K oil in the diff for the run, he said this gave him more steering and all he needed to do was drive it around for the 5-minutes but again catching Wilck he made a mistake that cost him over 1-second.  Already locked into the final, the German will use Q4 to test thinner sway bars on his TF6.


Another driver making his internationl debut with a new team this weekend, Elliot Harper would set the 7th fastest time just ahead of Marc Fischer.  Opening qualifying with an impressive Top 6 run last night, the Schumacher driver changed his car for the first outing of the day but instead of giving the car more steering the change saw him lose steering although he still managed a Top 10 time.  Reverting to his Q1 set-up for Q3 he said it was better but he is still looking for more initial steering and already locked in to the A-Main he will take a gamble with tyre prep for the closing qualifier to try to get a better car for the final.


In Pro Stock, the biggest of the three classes which make up the ETS with 209 entries this weekend, defending champion Marek Cerny claimed his second TQ run of the event.  Having TQ’d Q1, the factory Xray driver took the third qualifier from team-mate & previous round pace setter Mike Gosvig.  A very convincing winner of the season opener in the Czech Republic, ARC’s Lars Hoppe ran the third fastest time.  Changing from a plastic to an alu steering linkage on his T4, something he would normally only use on asphalt, Cerny said the change gave him better steering.  Posting the fastest lap he acknowledged the speed of Gosvig who but for a roll on his second lap would have been a lot closer than the 1.3-seconds at the end of the 5-minutes.  Despite his early error Gosvig would work his way back to the top of the timing screens but further small mistakes towards the end cost him the chance to repeat his opening qualifier of the day when he TQ’d ahead of Cerny.  The only driver who can deny Cerny the overall TQ, the Dane said his car is enough to get the job done in the final qualifier and he just needs to cut out the mistakes.


In Formula Jan Ratheisky wrapped up the overall TQ as he made it three from three times for the third time despite not liking how his X1 felt after he went full hard with the car’s monoshock.  The defending champion and winner of the season opener, said with the pressure off him for the final qualifier he will use the run to test the opposite setting on his monoshock after which he hopes to be able to gauge the best set-up for the first A-Main which takes places tonight.  In terms of the finals he said class debutant Bruno Coelho, who set a new fastest lap in Q3, is very fast but set to have to first get by Francesco Martini, who starts second on the grid, he hopes this will give him enough time to build up a gap.




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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chassis Focus – Elliott Harper


Chassis – Schumacher Mi5 EVO
Motor – G-Force 4.5T
ESC – G-Force
Batteries – Intellect 6000 mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – Top British Schumacher driver Elliott Harper is running a slightly revised Mi5 here in Germany that sports an aluminium chassis, a new steering featuring a twin rack system, as well as new shock towers with optimised hole positions.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Video – Modified Qualifying Rd2

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Volker tops Rheinard in Q2


Ronald Volker recovered from a slow start to the second round of qualifying this morning at the Euro Touring Series in Germany to give Yokomo its second TQ run of the weekend.  Initially it was Tamiya’s Marc Rheinard who set the pace while Volker was on target for the fifth fastest time, but with his BD7 improving for the second half of the run the defending Champion would come back to top the times by 0.374 over his arch rival Rheinard.  Behind them last night’s Q1 pace setter Yannic Prumper completed the Top 3 followed by Viktor Wilck and Alexander Hagberg.


Describing it as an ‘exciting qualifier’, with Rheinard, Prumper and Marc Fischer all having turns are setting the pace, Volker said in the beginning of the run his car didn’t have a good balance and he pretty much ruled himself out of having any chance of a TQ run.  Aware he had lost a lot of time over the early laps but with the car improving over the run he said he decided to push.  While he ‘took a lot of risks’, surviving two occasions when his car ‘almost left the track’, he said it was very satisfying to manage to end up TQ’ing the round.  Putting his slow start down to tyre prep rather than a set-up issue, the defending champion said they will adjust it for the penultimate qualifier to get the car to work better earlier in the run.


‘Almost! Disappointing to of all people lose out to Ronald’, that was Rheinard’s reaction to the run.  The Tamiya driver said his TRF419 ‘starts off good’ but by the end of the run is ‘missing punch’.  Running a 5 turn Muchmore motor and charging his battery to 8.2 volts, for Q3 he will now charge to 8.4v as well as adding more turbo to his speedo settings. In terms of the car’s set-up he said it ‘felt pretty good’.


Prumper said his ‘driving was bad for the first 3-laps’.  While his driving improved, like Volker he said his tyre prep was off and for the next one he will use more additive.


Setting the fourth fastest time, Viktor Wilck said his S411 was  ‘good now’ but as in Q1 the run contained too many driver mistakes.  Having gone up in the oil in his rear diff and reverted to the standard kit steering blocks, the newly signed Serpent driver said it was now just down to him to improve his driving.  Having been on a TQ pace early on, Marc Fischer would also lose out to driver errors to end up 7th fastest.  Also reverting to a standard car and increasing the diff oil from 6 to 7k, the German would set the fastest lap of the round saying ‘finally I am fast’.  He said the biggest element in the improved pace was down to his tyres with him switching to his second set of race tyres for the qualifier.


Posting the 5th fastest time, last year’s event winner Alexander Hagberg said ‘for the first minute the car is undriveable as I have zero rear traction’.  Having had similar issues in Q1, when he described his run to 3rd as ‘lucky’, he said having changed his set-up for Q2 but it making no difference he is now suspecting its his tyres that are the issue.  While the car improves towards the end of the run he said his tyres still looking like brand new which at this point in the event shouldn’t be the case.


Completing the Top 6, Christopher Krapp said a camber change and less droop on his TF6 gave him a good car but he messed up his driving.  The former ETS race winner said closing in on Wilck he just pushed a bit too hard and almost rolled.  Considering running the car narrower for Q3, he said he might instead just focus on driving which will bring him the most improvement.


In Pro Stock, Mike Gosvig took the second qualifier from Q1 pace setter & Xray team-mate Marek Cerny with Awesomatix’ Max Mächler third fastest.  Third in last night’s opening qualifier, Gosvig ran a harder rear spring on his T4 for Q2 which he said for the first laps had him thinking it was a bad decision but then the car ‘just got faster and faster’ as the change gave him more corner speed than yesterday.  Passing Jan Ratheisky after the German rolled his T4, the 20-year-old Dane said it was hard having him running directly behind him for the second half of qualifier.  Pleased with his car he will leave it unchanged for Q3.


Defending champion Cerny, who after a good night’s sleep was feeling a lot better, said his run was ‘quite OK’.  Feeling that traction was higher than Q1 and that the hall being cooler than yesterday, he said his car was not as good as last night, leading to a number of small mistakes.  Expecting conditions to be better for Q3 as the temperature rises, the outside temperature this morning reading -4, the Czech driver for now does not plan to change his set-up.


In Formula defending champion Ratheisky made it two from two as he this time topped the qualifier from Xray team-mate Francesco Martini with Roman Pichler again third quickest.  Fresh from his Formula win at the Snowbirds in Florida, he said while his X1 is getting better each run he still needs more steering.  Having moved the rear wing in as close as is possible to the chassis to reduce rear grip he said for Q3 he will narrow the rear axle width, run a harder monoshock as well as changing to a smaller pinion for more braking.




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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chassis Focus – Martin Hofer


Chassis – Yokomo BD7 2015
Motor – Muchmore (handout)
ESC – Muchmore (handout)
Batteries – GM 6400mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Graupner/GM
Bodyshell – Protoform Mazda Speed6
Remarks – Making the switch from Schumacher to the Japanese company after the season opener, Martin Hofer is running a 2015 version BD7 which features lightweight options such as titanium screws and turnbuckles as well as aluminium rear dogbones. Martin also chose to run the short shocks along with X-gear springs.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prumper takes Q1 at German ETS


Yannic Prumper has taken the opening round of qualifying at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany. The Yokomo driver brought Day 1 of the second round of the championship to a close by topping the times from team-mate Ronald Volker and last year’s event winner Alexander Hagberg in a ultra close encounter which saw the Top 5 covered by just one-second.


Having suffered a servo issue in the final practice but felt his carbon chassis BD7 had good potential Prumper was very happy to kick off qualifying at his home event with a TQ run.  Having been content to run his car unchanged other than with a new servo, Prumper said the decision by long time mentor & mechanic Toni Rheinard to change to a softer 5k oil diff and move the shock position in one hole had left him with a’really good’ car and all he had to do was put in a clean round. Describing it as ‘a good start to the weekend’ he said he had no plans to change the car for Q2 in the morning adding he would just try to carry on where he left off.


Volker said said he was ‘not unhappy with second’ especially when only his team-mate was faster.  Having topped timed practice, the defending champion set down the inital TQ pace until halfway into the 5-minutes when he made contact with the boards after coming off the main straight.  Sending his BD7 into a half spin, the German would lose 1.5-seconds.  Determined to try make up some of the lost time he said he ‘gave (his) best’ and considering how tightly packed the Top 5 ended up he was happy with his recovery.  With his pace, him sharing the fastest lap time with Hagberg, giving him good confidence for Q2 he said having suffered from on power understeer in the qualifier they would hopefully also cure this by making the switch from running double joint rear shafts to standard versions.


‘Not enjoyable to drive but luckily I had a clean run’, that was how Hagberg summed up his opening qualifier. The Xray driver said his T4 was ‘very difficult to drive’ with the rear end still loose with the car wanting to spin out.  While the car improves over the run, his fastest lap coming at 4-minutes, he said he needs to make the car easier to drive for Q2.


Swapping position at the top of the timing screens with Prumper, Marc Rheinard would end up fourth after contact with the curbing putting his Tamiya into a roll.   Describing his error which cost him over one & a half seconds as ‘stupid’ he said the run was going really well until he came up on Hagberg afer which he just drove shitty leading to his mistake.  While his car left to turn different left to right, he said overall his TRF419 was good and the potential is there with just really small changes now needed.  One such change he is considering is the mounting position of his Protoform LTC-R bodyshell with the current one mounted quite far back.


Fitting all new electrics to his Schumacher after his lack of power in the final practice, Elliot Harper claimed the honour of the fastest qualifier of the drivers sporting new team gear this weekend.  Setting the 5th fastest time the British driver, who is making his first international outing for his new team, said it was ‘a good start to the meeting’.  Fitting a stiffer rear brace to the car for Q1 which would normally give him more steering he said with the alu chassis it made the car too stiff.  For Q2 he will remove the brace and try to improve the steering with another set-up change.


Completing the Top 6 on his debut for Serpent having impressed in timed practice, Viktor Wilck said his run simply contained ‘too many mistakes’.  In terms of his S411, the Swede said he went with the wrong diff set-up. Running too light of oil he said it went off after 2-minutes.


Seventh fastest ahead of Loic Jasmin and Bruno Coelho, Christopher Krapp also suffered with his car going off after 2-minutes.  The factory Kyosho driver said the run started out really well with him in contention for a Top 3 time but then the car ‘started losing steering like hell’.  Fighting with the car the former ETS race winner said ‘the last minute was horrible’.  With the practice runs only 4-minutes he believes in the 5th minute of the qualifier he overheated his tyres and for Q2 he will make a camber change.


In the Xray Pro Stock class defending champion Marek Cerny recovered from a difficult practice to claim the opening qualifier. Describing his car as having been ‘so so in practice’, the Czech driver said with help from Xray team-mate’s Hagberg and Francesco Martini they came up with a good set-up for Q1.  With the car easy to drive he said he really enjoyed the run.  Starting to fell unwell as the day came to a close, Cerny said his only focus for Q2 was to get a good nights sleep so as to hopefully feel better for the morning.  Behind Cerny, team-mate Jan Ratheisky set the second fastest time followed by Mike Gosvig.  Gosvig said after ‘bad descisions’ in Q1 at the opening round of the ETS which saw him put his car on its roof, he just took it easy.  As the run progressed he pushed harder and planning to fit harder spring to the rear of his T4 for Q2 he is feeling confident for Day 2 after his solid start to qualifying.


Formula would produce a super close Q1 with class rookie Bruno Coelho making defending champion Ratheisky work for his customary top spot on the timing sheets.  Setting the fastest lap, Portuguese touring car ace Coelho would lose out on the TQ on the final lap with Ratheisky putting in a better lap to snatch it by 0.033 of a second.  Behind the two Xray drivers Project HP1’s Roman Pichler would complete the Top 3.




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Friday, February 6, 2015

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2014/15 Championship Standings (Rd2 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 308pts
2. Völker Ronald - 308pts
3. Hagberg Alexander - 304pts
4. Prümper Yannic - 304pts
5. Wilck Viktor - 296pts
6. Coelho Bruno - 296pts
7. Fischer Marc - 295pts
8. Levanen Juho - 289pts
9. Kutvonen Viljami - 285pts
10.Stadler Dionys - 280pts
11.Wahl Tim - 280pts
12.Orlowski Michal - 272pts
13.Kaufmann Marco - 272pts
14.Simurda Kuba - 269pts
15.Südhoff Frederik - 267pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Hoppe Lars - 305pts
2. Ratheisky Jan - 305pts
3. Cerny Marek - 304pts
4. Gosvig Mike - 304pts
5. Hettrich Valentin - 296pts
6. Mächler Max - 296pts
7. Hofer Martin - 292pts
8. Gassauer Patrick - 290pts
9. Bopp Bernhard - 288pts
10.Heitsch Henrik - 282pts
11.Johannessen Helge - 279pts
12.Brickenkamp Wolf - 271pts
13.Sparbier Kevin - 269pts
14.Rajki Balint - 268pts
15.Schneider Marvin - 260pts

Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 312pts
2. Martini Francesco - 303pts
3. Pichler Roman - 300pts
4. Ehrbar David - 299pts
5. Bultynck Olivier - 296pts
6. Weber Herbert - 292pts
7. Kölbel René - 292pts
8. Delise Nicolas - 287pts
9. Raimann Daniel - 279pts
10.Wurmhöringer Markus - 275pts

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