Euro Touring Series Rd2 – Friday Qualifying

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hagberg top improver in final practice


The final practice at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany saw no change in the top order with Ronald Volker’s first time practice standing to see the Yokomo driver go into qualifying for Round 2 of the championship as top seed.  Setting an impressive pace on his debut for Serpent with the second fastest time, Viktor Wilck would too retain his position in the final ranking despite being unable to better his earlier 3-consecutive laps.  Knocking 1/10th of a second off his pace it was last year’s race winner Alexander Hagberg who was the best placed improver in the second & final timed although his 3rd placing remained unchanged.


Changing to a thicker rear diff in his BD7, defending champion Volker said the change was too much and the car ‘did not feel comfortable to drive’.  Winner of the season opener in the Czech Republic, the German said he preferred how the car ran in the TP1 and he will revert back to the diff set-up used then. With the lighter oiled diff back in the car he said everything should be good for tonight’s opening qualifier.


Trying to build up some knowledge with his new S411, Wilck ran different steering blocks in TP2 which changed the bump steer but the Swede didn’t like such change. With the car having more understeer, he will switch back to the car’s standard blocks.  Also going up in the rear diff oil he said the chance was almost unnoticeable and so for the opening qualifier he will go up further in the oil weight.  Team-mate Marc Fischer, having been 7th fastest in first timed round, would drop to 9th fastest as he failed to improve his time.  Picking the better of the two cars he ran in TP1 but changing the set-up the German said it wasn’t good and for Q1 he will put the same set-up as he ran at Round 1 in Hrotovice.


While changes to his T4 gave him a faster car, Hagberg said they also made it inconsistent.  Describing the handling as being ‘very loose in the rear’, adding that is something he needs to work on, he said while not ideal he was happy to at least have found steering.


Improving fractionally on his opening time, Marc Rheinard said changing to the LTC-R bodyshell improved his Tamiya ‘a little’.  Appearing to be engaged in mind games with Volker and the Yokomo star’s engineer Yukijiro Umino, the Round 1 Top Qualifier was being coy about any other changes made.  Describing his TRF419 as ‘good’ he added it could be a little better with the car ‘sometimes (getting) loose on power’ something he would like to rectify.


Opting to change to a completely different car for TP2, making the switch to a carbon chassis BD7, Yannic Prumper improved his pace despite a faulty servo.  With the servo not returning to center correctly he said while he adjusted his driving around the problem, his fastest time coming from his last three laps, overall he feels the cars has good potential.  With a new servo fitted he will use the car otherwise unchanged for the first round of qualifying.


Improving from 8th to 6th fastest. Kyosho’s Christopher Krapp was very happy with the effects of a body change.  Switching to the LTC-R he said this improved the steering quite a bit.  Describing the car as ‘bullet proof’ to drive he said no matter how hard he pushed it was really consistent.  Very happy with his pace on carpet he would like to find just a little more steering and having discussed his options with the car’s designer back in Japan via messaging he will raise the rear hub to remove some of the car’s rear traction.


Having impressed with the 6th fastest time on his first run, Elliot Harper would have electric problems in the final practice and drop to 7th in the final seeding.  Making changes to his new Schumacher, he said the car just had a lack of power and he is unsure why with the problem also making it difficult to gauge how effective the changes he made in terms of car set-up were.  Behind Harper, France’s Loic Jasmin had a good second practice to post the 8th fastest time.


Completing the Top 10 was Andy Moore.  The HB driver said with all of the development work for the new PRO5 having been done on asphalt he was pretty happy with the early pace on carpet.  Having improved the car’s mid & exit corner speed with a diff change after TP1, he said the initial turn in still needs improvement although he added this seems to be a general problem so far for all drivers.  Planning a significant set-up change for Q1 he said if it turns out too much he can ‘dial it back’ a little for Q2.


In the Xray Pro Stock class, Jan Ratheisky would end up fastest but like Volker in the Ride Modified class he couldn’t improve in the second practice.  The Xray driver used the run to test a second set of tyres to evaluate the first set he was planning to use for the rest of the event.  Happy that his race tyres can’t be improved on he said with a small front camber link adjustment he is all set for qualifying.


Fastest in the second practice ending up second to Ratheisky was his Xray team-mate Mike Gosvig.  The Danish driver said he actually had a better car for the first practice but his 3-consecutive laps were slowed by traffic.  Changing to a harder rear shock set-up for the second run, he said this caused the T4 to drift more.  Set to go back to his early shock set-up, the 20-year-old said this should give him a ‘pretty good’ car for Q1.


Making his debut this weekend for Yokomo, former champion Martin Hofer would post the fourth fastest time behind the Awesomatix of Max Mächler.  Having had to sit his last exams for his Master in Sciences, Hofer said he was really happy with how his BD7 ran out of the box this morning and it’s just got better and better each run, the two cars so far having just 6-minutes of running each on them.  Changing to a shorter shock and to X-Gear springs as well as switching from Protoform’s Dart body to a Speed 6 over practice, for Q1 he will make the rear end softer to try and get the car to rotate better.


In Formula, Italy’s Francesco Martini knocked Xray team-mate Ratheisky off the top spot with his second practice pace.  Changing to a softer front spring on his X1 and rebuilding the diff, Martini said the car had more on throttle steering as a result of the change.  Finding the traction coming up between rounds he said this should further improve the car’s steering for Q1.  Ratheisky said the changes he made to his X1 didn’t have the effect he expected with him having too much rear traction.  Planning to change the rear wing mounting so that it is closer to the rear of the car he said while he has never tried it before it should reduce the rear traction.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

New in the pits – Savox


Andy Chen from Savox is here in Muelheim with the first model of the brand new ‘Monster’ line of servos that will soon be available on the market. The uniqueness of this line is that the servo case also works as a motor body, so that the magnet can be larger in turn increasing the performances without exceeding the standard servo measures. Torque has been improved by 30% from the standard version of the servo reaching now the noticeable data of 31kg at 7.4V. The system is patented, and so is the upper gear that features a bearing to ensure the best possible precision.  With the entire servo case acting as cooling for the motor, this greatly improves the efficiency.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Chassis Focus – Viktor Wilck


Chassis – Serpent S411 Eryx 3.0
Motor – Speed Passion 4.5T
ESC – Speed Passion
Batteries – MaxTime 6500mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – The newly Serpent signed Swedish star is running a pretty stock 3.0 Eryx equipped with extra hard suspension arms. With the alu chassis coming in the kit, a carbon bumper plate and a mixed aluminum/titanium screw set are the only other options used.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Volker fastest from Wilck in 1st timed practice


While the top of the time sheets at the end of the first timed practice at Round 2 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series looked familiar with Ronald Volker fastest, it was the performances of Viktor Wilck and Elliot Harper that were the main talking point.  Having only made the announcement of his departure from long time team Tamiya on Wednesday and then his signing for Serpent the following day, the Swede got his new deal off to a very encouraging start as he set the 2nd fastest time.  Having been left without a drive after Durango shelved its factory team, new Schumacher signing Elliot Harper also made a positive start on what is his first international outing for the British manufacturer as he ended the practice 6th quickest.


Running two cars over the 4-minute practice, Volker was pleased with the second of the Yokomos, the first having suffered from understeer.  Describing the better BD7 as more comfortable to drive, the German said the tyres on that car also felt to have the better of his two allocated sets of race tyres.  With most drivers using the practices, the day opening with a round of free practice, to scrub in their race tyres, he said the set on the first car left him in particular lacking steering in the right hand corners.  Expecting the tyres to further improve with more mileage he said for the final practice he would run just one car so as to further scrub in his good set of tyres.


Having only had limited testing with his new S411, Wilck said for only his second proper run with the car it felt really good.  With the car’s designer Michael Salven on hand to oversee the debut of his company’s new signing, Wilck unlike most of the front runners is running just one ‘standard’ car.  Describing the car as having a little understeer, the former ETS race winner plans to adjust the front bump steer as well as make a change to the rear diff set-up.  Having ran two cars in his practice, team-mate Marc Fischer would end up prefering the ‘standard’ car.  Running a prototype alu chassis, designed for high bite conditions, on the car he ran first the German said it felt too lose on power.  Switching to the second car he said this one felt OK but could be improved by running a lighter diff oil.  Using the ‘standard’ car to post the 7th fastest time he will now focus on this car and in addition to the diff change he will also switch from Protoform’s new Dart bodyshell to the LTC-R.


The Top Qualifier and winner of this event last year, Alexander Hagberg would take his Xray to the third fastest time.  Openly a fan of the layout, this year’s track just a slightly tweak version of the 2014 track, the Swede said his car felt loose.  With the carpet having stayed very consistent throughout last year’s event he said based on that he needs to work improving his set-up rather than wait for traction to come up.  Running a Protoform Speed 6 body, referring to his choice as ‘old school’, he will make a roll centre change to his T4 for the final practice run.


Setting the fourth fastest time, Marc Rheinard said he was ‘still trying stuff’.  The Tamiya driver, who has Takayuki Kono over from TRF Japan for support, ran two TRF419 with different set-ups and bodyshells with the second car feeling ‘ok’.  Having run an LTC-R in free practice on the car he preferred he will now change from the Dart back to the LTC-R as it gives a better feel and greater corner speed.


Describing his practice run as ‘so so’, Yokomo’s Yannic Prumper posted the 5th fastest time.  The German, who was runner up to Hagberg here last year, said his DB7 lacked a little in steering.  Using a Dart bodyshell he will switch to the LTC-R as well as changing to a thicker rear diff which he said should give him what he is looking for in terms of steering.


‘A positive start’ was Harper’s reaction to his Top 6 pace over 3-consecutive laps.  Having ran carbon chassis car in the free practice, the multiple World Championship finalist switched to an alloy chassis for the timed practice which he said felt better with it having more corner speed.  Looking for more steering in the hairpins, the British driver having run with a Speed 6 bodyshell will try either a Dart or LTC-R for his next run.  Having run both his sets of race tyres he said now that the Ride tyres are broken in they too should help to improve the steering.


Setting the 8th fastest time behind Fischer, Christopher Krapp described his early pace as ‘pretty solid’.  His first ETS outing on carpet for quite some time, the factory Kyosho driver unable to attend the Season #8 opener in the Czech Republic, he ran two cars in the timed practice.  Using his World Championship car as well as the car of Tim Benson which has a modified rear bulkhead mounting, the German said he preferred his own car.  A podium finisher at this race three years ago, having made a change from a 1.4mm to a 1.3mm swaybar he will go back to the thicker one for the last practice run as it gave him more steering.  Behind Krapp, Denmark’s Patrick Hornum and Dionys Stadler completed the Top 10.


In the Xray Pro Stock and Formula classes the pace was set by Jan Ratheisky.  Fresh from returning from a very successful trip to the Snowbirds in Orlando where he took no less than 3 titles, the Xray driver topped the times in Pro Stock from Mike Gosvig and Valentin Hettrich.  Only changing the car’s electrics to the ETS’ handout Muchmore speedo/motor combo and to the championship’s handout Ride tyres, the German said he ran the car exactly the same as he did when he won at the Snowbirds.  Very happy with the T4 he will leave it unchanged for his final practice.  In Formula he also ran his X1 as it came off the track in Florida.  Although he was able to set the fastest time from team-mate Francesco Martini, he said he wasn’t comfortable with the set-up as he had to steer the car using the brakes.  Looking to get more mechanical steering the class champion will add more ackermann, reduce the front droop & bump steer as well as buff his tyres, something he said he doesn’t normally like to do.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Track Focus – Muelheim-Kaerlich


Host – ETS
Country – Germany
Location – Muelheim-Kaerlich
Venue - Philipp-Heift Halle
Track type – Temporary
Surface – Carpet
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
Previous ETS races hosted – 3

The fourth time that the 1344 sq meter Philipp-Heift sports hall in Muelheim-Kaerlich plays host to the Yokomo Euro Touring Series, the world’s biggest touring car race has got even larger with 360 individual drivers making up the 408 entries over the ETS’ three classes – Mod & Pro-Stock Touring Car and Formula 1.  An event which last year saw the championship make the permanent switch to black carpet, which now wherever it is used by race organisers has become known as ETS carpet, the race is the only event on the 6-race calendar that is 100% organised by the ETS itself.

Using the same ATA track crew that prepared last weekend’s Euro Offroad Series Round 2 track in Berlin, this year’s 34m wide and 20m deep layout is a tweaked version of last year’s track.  Constructed using the Azetx track system, the end of the straight now goes into a tighter radius while the chicane has been made less severe.  Commenting on the layout, last year’s race winner Alexander Hagberg joked, ‘they accepted my bribe to keep the layout the same as last year’.  Describing it as a ‘nice layout’ he added ‘it’s technical and compared to other tracks you are not on power as much with (it having) more low speed corners’.  Defending champion Ronald Volker, who was left somewhat on the back foot at the event last year when he finished 3rd, said while ‘not (his) favourite, the layout is fine’.  Describing the chicane as being much easier now that its ‘more open’, he said he would have liked to se a completely new layout more because of the challenge it would present.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

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2014/15 Championship Standings (Rd2 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 308pts
2. Völker Ronald - 308pts
3. Hagberg Alexander - 304pts
4. Prümper Yannic - 304pts
5. Wilck Viktor - 296pts
6. Coelho Bruno - 296pts
7. Fischer Marc - 295pts
8. Levanen Juho - 289pts
9. Kutvonen Viljami - 285pts
10.Stadler Dionys - 280pts
11.Wahl Tim - 280pts
12.Orlowski Michal - 272pts
13.Kaufmann Marco - 272pts
14.Simurda Kuba - 269pts
15.Südhoff Frederik - 267pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Hoppe Lars - 305pts
2. Ratheisky Jan - 305pts
3. Cerny Marek - 304pts
4. Gosvig Mike - 304pts
5. Hettrich Valentin - 296pts
6. Mächler Max - 296pts
7. Hofer Martin - 292pts
8. Gassauer Patrick - 290pts
9. Bopp Bernhard - 288pts
10.Heitsch Henrik - 282pts
11.Johannessen Helge - 279pts
12.Brickenkamp Wolf - 271pts
13.Sparbier Kevin - 269pts
14.Rajki Balint - 268pts
15.Schneider Marvin - 260pts

Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 312pts
2. Martini Francesco - 303pts
3. Pichler Roman - 300pts
4. Ehrbar David - 299pts
5. Bultynck Olivier - 296pts
6. Weber Herbert - 292pts
7. Kölbel René - 292pts
8. Delise Nicolas - 287pts
9. Raimann Daniel - 279pts
10.Wurmhöringer Markus - 275pts

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