Chassis Focus – Juho Levanen


Chassis – Associated TC7
Motor – Reedy Sonic 4.5T
ESC – Reedy 410R
Batteries – Reedy 6000mAh
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – Finnish AE factory driver Juho Levanen is debuting the all new TC7 from the American company, the car having being completely re-designed with only the diffs and the driveshafts being the same as in the TC6. As for option parts, Juho is using an aluminium chassis and front double joint driveshafts.

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Chassis Focus – Bruno Coelho


Chassis – Xray T4 ’16
Motor – Hobbywing Xerun 4.5T
ESC – Hobbywing XR10 Pro
Batteries – EZ Power 6200mAh
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – MonTech Silvy
Remarks – After topping the times during practice, Xray factory driver Bruno Coelho took Q1 running  the ’16 version of the T4. His car is equipped with an aluminium steering system, low friction belts and a front brass suspension mount which add 8 grams to the very front end of the car. He is also using a new aluminium chassis that features cuts in the central section to allow for a better flex.

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Coelho heads Xray 1-2 in Q1


Bruno Coelho led an Xray 1-2 this morning at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany, TQ’ing the opening qualifier ahead of team-mate Alexander Hagberg.  Having topped the times in practice yesterday, the Round 1 podium finisher would be 1.3-sec faster than Hagberg with reigning ETS Champion Ronald Volker completing the Top 3 a further 1.3-sec off the pace.  Winner of the Muelheim-Kaerlich encounter last year, Marc Rheinard would post only the 6th fastest time with his World Champion TRF team-mate Naoto Matsukura, who was second in practice, retiring from the qualifier with a bad handling car.


‘Everything was good, no mistakes. I just tried to drive a safe round and I think it was good’, was Coelho’s reaction to his TQ run. |Describing his Hobbywing powered T4 as ‘really good’, the  22-year-old added it was ‘missing a little steering in slow corners’ and he will make a small set-up change ‘to improve this point’ for Q2.


Winner of the event two years ago with a dominant performance, Hagberg said, ‘I wasn’t driving too well and had two mistakes.  Without these I think it could have been a TQ run’.  Despite setting the fastest lap of the qualifier, the Swede also felt his ORCA powered T4 was a little lacking in corner speed.  Having changed his set-up when drivers were faced with running on the ‘old carpet’, he said when the new carpet was laid down while he changed the set-up he ‘didn’t go completely back’ to the set-up he ran in pre-event testing at the Hudy Arena and he will for Q2 and go with harder shock springs.


Tapping the boards at the end of the straight and suffering  ‘a surprise traction roll’ four laps later, Volker said considering this ‘finishing 3rd was OK’.  Feeling he only had the potential to get a P2 even with a clean round, the Yokomo driver said ‘we need to find something that give me a better feeling with the car if we are to catch Bruno’.  Not winning the season opener for the first time in his 5-year reign as the ETS Champion, Rheinard beating him in Hrotovice, Volker said ‘Marc ended up behind me so it could have been a worse start to qualifying but hopefully in Q2 we can challenge for a TQ run’.


Top Tamiya for the round, Akio Sobue would post the 4th fastest time.  The reigning Japanese Champion, who enjoyed a podium finish in Austria last season, said other than a ‘small mistake’ it was a ‘good’ run.  His first carpet ETS outing, the 22-year-old said on the new carpet he likes the track layout but looking for more steering from his TRF419 he will make a small change as he continues to get a proper feel for the carpet, having only had 2-minutes practice on the good carpet yesterday.  Team-mate Matsukura, whom he beat to the 2015 Japanese National title, said his Tamiya had ‘maximum high traction’ and he ‘couldn’t drive it’.  Saying ‘I need understeer’, he will change to a harder shock set-up and lower the upper arms.


‘Solid’ was how Yannic Prumper summed up his P5 time.  The Yokomo driver, who has been on the podium at the German round for the last three years, said he drove ‘too aggressive at the start’ and with his BD7 ‘a little tricky at the chicane’ this resulted in two mistakes.  As he ‘got used to the car being loose’ he said he was able to put in a solid run but planning a set-up change he is hopeful of a stronger showing second time round.


‘That was not what I hoped for’ was Rheinard’s reaction to a disappointing Q1, the championship leader adding his car was ‘just not fast enough and difficult to drive’.  Leading away the heat and having to open up for Volker, Coelho and Hagberg, he said with the ‘pace just not there’ he will switch car for Q2.  With Tamiya Racing Factory team-manager Takayuki Kono bringing a new car from Japan for the event Rheinard, who ran his Hrotovice winning car in Q1, said, ‘this has some of Kono’s own ideas on it so I will try this’.  Behind Rheinard Olly Jefferies, who made his ETS A-Main debut at Round 1, would set the 7th fastest time followed by Xray team-mate Marco Kaufmann with the VBC of Lucas Urbain and Awesomatix of Viljami Kutvonen rounding out the Top 10.

View complete event results here.

View the event image gallery here.

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Video – Pro Stock Qualifying Rd1

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Coelho tops brief practice after carpet change at ETS

fri_bruno copy

Over a short 2-minute practice at the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany it was Bruno Coelho who laid claim to being fastest on eventful Day 1 at the second round of the championship.  The biggest race of the ETS to-date, with over 440 entries, a hidden problem would arise during practice when an incorrect batch of carpet left racers struggling for traction.  With no sign of conditions improving, the carpet fluffing up, the championship’s promoters made the brave call to resurface the track.  Having to wait 4-hours for the delivery of the correct ‘ETS Black Carpet’ all the way from the centre of the Netherlands, a pre-selected crew which included the current World Champion Naoto Matsukura did an impressive job to rebuild the track in just 2-hours. With the two planned rounds of practice on the busy schedule having run on the bad carpet, a reshuffle of the timetable during the track resurfacing allowed a quick 2-minute practice round to give drivers a feel for the regular carpet racers have become accustomed too.  The difference in the carpets was immediately clear as Coelho went from a 44-seconds 3-consecutive lap time to a 41.364.


Having done 2-days of testing at the Hudy Arena, where they have ETS carpet, as preparation for the ETS, Coelho said they got a ‘big surprise’ when he put his Hobbywing powered T4 on the track this morning. ‘Completely different’, he said his car was ‘impossible to drive’.  With a rumour quickly circulating that they may rebuild the track he said he changed the car slightly to make it possible to do laps and use the next practice to learn the flow of the track.  Putting back on his Hudy Arena set-up for the new carpet, the Round 1 podium finisher said ‘it was amazing, really amazing’.  With last year’s Muelheim-Kaerlich event marking only his second carpet race,  the Portuguese driver as he put it himself ‘flipped’ his way to 10th on the grid, but with a lot more experience on carpet now he is hopeful of a better outcome tomorrow when all four rounds of qualifying will be run.


Making his ETS carpet debut, Naoto Matsukura would set the 2nd fastest time.  Having not raced his touring car for 2-months and not raced on carpet for a few months prior to that, the Tamiya driver said he got a bit of ‘surprise’ when practice started and was relieved to find out the lack of traction was a carpet issue.  Running just one car, team-mate Marc Rheinard running two cars in the 2-minute practice, Matsukura said his TRF419 was ‘good’ and on the proper carpet so was the track layout.  Feeling his car was understeering a little, he will tweak his set-up changes for qualifying adding ‘then it will be perfect for tomorrow’.


Winner of this race last season, ending a 5-year winning drought on carpet, and taking the win at this season’s opening race in Czech Republic, Rheinard would record the 9th fastest time. The 4-time World Champion described it as ‘an interesting day’ adding ‘but at least we ended up on good carpet, it was definitely a good call’.  With only a 3-quick laps to get the feel of each car, the German said while difficult to fully tell he said the second car felt better and it is this he will run in qualifying leaving it unchanged for Q1.


Setting the third fastest time, Team Yokomo’s Meen Vejrak was pleased with his comparative pace but said ‘I needed more time to test’.  Another driver to run two cars over the short practice, the former Nitro Touring Car World Champion said of his two Scorpion powered BD7s, which ran different set-ups, the second one was better.  While he will use this for the opening qualifier, he feels the car needs to be more stable and so he will make some small set-up changes.


Sixth fastest behind Olly Jefferies (4th) and Viktor Wilck (5th), reigning ETS Champion Ronald Volker said the change was good and that decision was reflected in the lap times.  Adding that the rebuild came ‘just in time’, he said the 2-minute practice was ‘tough’ in terms of getting a proper feel for conditions and the car.  Overall the Yokomo driver ‘wasn’t too happy with the feeling of his car’ and they have to come up with a better set-up for qualifying.

View the event image gallery here.

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Chassis Focus – Cyril N’diaye


Chassis – TM E4 RS III +
Motor – LRP X20 4.5T
ESC – LRP Flow
Batteries – LRP 5600mAh
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – French ETS veteran Cyril N’diaye is running a pretty standard version of the new RS4 III “plus” from Team Magic. The features of the new car include a single piece front arm mount, aluminium pivot balls and a shorter wheelbase, with the front arms placed 1mm towards the back, while the only option used is a set of titanium screws.

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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd2

Volante Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 308pts
2. Coelho Bruno - 308pts
3. Völker Ronald - 304pts
4. Hagberg Alexander - 304pts
5. Stadler Dionys - 297pts
6. Prümper Yannic - 296pts
7. Kutvonen Viljami - 294pts
8. Harper Elliott - 294pts
9. Jefferies Olly - 292pts
10.Vejrak Meen - 288pts
11.Jasmin Loic - 282pts
12.Krapp Christopher - 282pts
13.Orlowski Michal - 282pts
14.Fischer Marc - 279pts
15.Urbain Lucas - 276pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 309pts
2. Cerny Marek - 301pts
3. Johannessen Helge - 301pts
4. Krägefski Tom - 299pts
5. Gosvig Mike - 299pts
6. Bopp Bernhard - 294pts
7. Hofer Martin - 292pts
8. Hoppe Lars - 290pts
9. Mächler Max - 284pts
10.Benson Tim - 283pts
11.Kreder Markus - 283pts
12.Rettke Jan - 276 pts
13.Vogel Tobias - 275pts
14.Mikkelsen Frederik - 272 pts
15.Hettrich Valentin - 272pts

Serpent Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 312pts
2. Bultynck Olivier - 305pts
3. Ehrbar David - 298pts
4. Weber Herbert - 297pts
5. Martini Francesco - 295pts
6. Kölbel René - 294pts
7. Miedema Jitse - 292pts
8. Donath Christian - 291pts
9. Stocker Alexander - 291pts
10.Peter Miko - 291pts

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