Volker takes Q1 in Mattsee


Ronald Volker has TQ’d a very close opening round of qualifying at Round 4 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Austria. Winner of the fahr(T)raum hosted event last year, the Yokomo driver would top the times by just 0.187 of a second from Xray’s Bruno Coelho. Just a further 0.265 off, Tamiya’s Akio Sobue who topped the times in practice would complete the Top 3 around the covered temporary asphalt track.


‘Pretty close’ was how Volker summed up the first qualifier.  Starting second behind Sobue having ended up P2 in practice, the defending champion said he was that focused on trying to beat the Japanese driver that he wasn’t able to gauge how close Coelho actually was.  Having closed in on Sobue at the start of the run he said as his BD7 started to suffer a little understeer he was on the limit trying to keep up with the Japanese driver. ‘Very happy to TQ Q1′, he said for tomorrow the plan is to try and find more steering which ‘hopefully will be enough to hold off Bruno & Akio’.


Coelho was happy with his 2nd considering a mistake in the opening laps saw his T4 slide on its side before ‘luckily’ it came back down on 4-wheels.  Describing his car as ‘strange’ at the start of the run he said after a few laps he was ‘good’.  Happy with how it ran in the warm-up laps he said the only thing he can attribute the ‘strange feeling’ to was the tyres going cold as the waited to get off the start, the ambient temperature at the time of the qualifier having dropped noticeably.  Setting the fastest lap of Q1, he said the speed is there and he was catching Volker so without errors he is confident for Q2.


Sobue said his TRF419 was good but the problem was the driver.  Making ‘a lot of small driver errors’, the 20-year-old said this is something he needs to work on for tomorrow but having run a faster lap time than Volker he is happy his car has the potential for a TQ run. High profile team-mate Marc Rheinard, who is running in the second fastest heat grouping, would post the 7th fastest time just missing out on a 25-lap run.  The 4-time World Champion described it as a ‘slow run’.  Running the same set-up as Sobue he said while the car is fine into the corner he ‘just can’t hit the throttle on the way out’ as it gets loose and he is ‘just trying to keep it on the track’.


Posting the fourth fastest time Alexander Hagberg said an early mistake caused him to lose his rhythm.  Later in the run the Swede said he also had problems with traffic.  The driver closest to his team-mate Coelho in terms of outright fastest lap time he said his ORCA powered T4 was ‘alright’ and but there was still a ‘few small details to work out’.


Setting the fifth fastest time Team Yokomo’s Yannic Prumper, who is without his Round 3 winning mechanic Toni Rheinard this weekend, said his BD7 had ‘big push’ at the start.  The car would improve but towards the end of the five minutes the problem would return. He said the track felt to have more traction and for Q2 in the morning he might opt to run no warm-up laps to see if the car starts out better.

fri_kaufmann copy

Completing the Top 6, Xray driver Marco Kaufmann was clearly happy with his qualifying performance.  Ninth fastest in practice, the 21-year-old said he went into the qualifier just hoping he had enough speed to not get passed by top seed Sobue.  Describing the result as ‘very good start for me’, he said running less rear toe-in to what he had in practice had improved his T4’s steering and he said he would leave it unchanged for Q2.  Having not made the A-Main ‘for a long time’, he said he just wanted one more such run to secure an A-Main start for Sunday.


Andy Moore would set the eight fastest time continuing to be the fastest of the HB drivers.  Team-mate Freddy Sudhoff just missed out on the Top 10, his PRO 5 11th fastest while Jilles Groskamp struggled to 28th.  Moore said his run ‘wasn’t perfect’.  Starting 10th he had to open up for Akio and then towards the end of the run trying to not also have to open up to let Volker passed he made a mistake that cost him over a second.  The former World Champion said he still needs to work on getting his car better at the start of the run.  Having changed his set-up for Q1 the car now started to work after 1-minute rather that the two it needed previously so he will continue in the same direction with further set-up changes.  Behind Moore, Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski and Serpent’s Viktor Wilck completed the Top 10.


In the Xray Pro-Stock class, which completed two of their four rounds of qualifying today, it was Season #8 Round 1 dominator Lars Hoppe who laid down the TQ pace.  The ARC driver, who missed Round 3 in Italy, would take Q1 from the Tamiya of Christian Donath and in Q2 would outpace the Yokomo of Italian Nico Catelani.  For defending champion Marek Cerny it was not a good day. Breaking his Xray in Q1 after just a minute, the Czech driver wouldn’t even start Q2 due to steering problems.


Despite racing with a shoulder injury and wearing a special support Jan Ratheisky hasn’t been hampered too much.  Setting the pace in practice for both Pro Stock and Formula, the reigning Formula Champion would TQ the opening round of Formula from Serpent’s David Ehrbar who in Ratheisky’s absence took the win at Round 3 in Italy.


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Euro Touring Series Rd4 – Friday Action

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Chassis Focus – Andy Moore


Chassis – HB Pro5
Motor – Hobbywing
ESC – Hobbywing
Batteries – MooreSpeed 6200 mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – PF LTC-R
Remarks – Having carried out the development of the Pro5 since the first steps of the project, former World Champion Andy Moore is running a pretty standard version of the car, the only option part being a carbon fibre stiffener for the steering cranks. He is also using a one piece suspension bracket in the front which is from the previous version of the car.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Chassis Focus – Alexander Hagberg


Chassis – Xray T4 2015
Motor – Orca
ESC – Orca
Batteries – Orca 6200 mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – PF LTC-R
Remarks – Alexander Hagberg is using a number of option parts on his T4 2015, such as aluminium steering cranks and servo horn, front ECS driveshafts, low friction belts and progressive springs. The car is also equipped with Avid titanium ballstuds and Hiro Seiko aluminium and titanium screws.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sobue tops seeding at ETS Austria


Tamiya’s Akio Sobue is the top seed for qualifying at Round 4 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Mattsee, Austria, after the Japanese driver topped the final round of practice from defending champion Ronald Volker.  The Japanese driver’s first appearance in Season #8 and the only Tamiya in the Top 10, he posted the fastest 3-consecutive laps of CP2 by 0.271 of a second from that of Volker with Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski completing the Top 3.  For free practice and CP1 pace setter Bruno Coelho a switch to new tyres, used proving faster on the low traction conditions, left him unable to improve his time as he dropped to sixth.


Changing his shocks, ackermann and raising the front camber links on his TRF419, Sobue was very happy with the improvement.  Giving the car more traction the 20-year-old said he would be keeping it the same for tonight’s opening qualifier.  His first time to the fahr(T)raum track, the World Championship finalist said he is very at home on the layout as it is very similar to his home track of RC Paradise in Nagoya.


‘Satisfied with second’ was Volker’s reaction to his run.  Only 14th fastest in the first controlled practice, the Yokomo driver said as expected the second run was better but feels the seeding is not a true reflection of the actual pace of everyone adding he expects the Top 10 to be very close over 5-minutes as it is hard for anyone to get anymore speed due to the low traction which he said is acting as somewhat of an equaliser.


After fitting a rear brace to the back of his Mi5, Orlowski was very happy with the improved mid corner rotation.  With CP2 being his seventh run on the same set of the championship’s hand out Ride tyres, the Polish driver’s biggest concern for the opening  qualifier is that the tyres he will run have only done one practice run.  In terms of the car set-up he will leave it unchanged.


Going back to an earlier set-up and onto used tyres, having struggled in CP1 on new tyres, Alexander Hagberg would post the 4th fastest time.  The Swede said his T4 was ‘not so bad’ but added it was ‘not perfect but very close’.  Looking for more overall traction he will make some small tweaks to his set-up for Q1.  Team-mate Coelho said on new tyres his T4 had ‘a lot of push’ and he will go with a different used set of tyres for his first qualifier.


Marc Fischer would set the 5th fastest time.  Changing both the roll centres and the droop on his Serpent S411, he said the droop change ‘was not so good’.  With the car lifting a front wheel in the chicane he will revert back to the droop he ran in CP1.  Team-mate Viktor Wilck set the 8th fastest time.


Posting the 7th fastest time, Yannic Prumper joked ‘ I got quicker but so did everyone else’.  Runner-up here last year, the Round 3 winner said his Yokomo was so so over 3-laps but feels over a full 5-minutes it should be ‘not so bad’.


Completing the Top 10 behind the Xray of Marco Kaufmann and ahead of the Tamiya of Marc Rheinard, Moore was the only other driver along with Coelho in the Top 15 to not improve their CP1 time. Second fastest in the first run, the British driver changed springs and they ‘didn’t work’.  He will go back to the previous springs for Q1 and is confident his PRO 5 should be good again.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Chassis Focus – Lars Hoppe


Chassis – ARC R10 2015
Motor – Muchmore (handout)
ESC – Muchmore (handout)
Batteries – Xcite Rc 7400mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa/Savox
Bodyshell – Blitz GSF
Remarks – ARC’s top driver Lars Hoppe makes his return at the ETS, having skipped Round 3 in Riccione, and is running an interesting version of the R10 2015.  The car features a complete low friction transmission aswell as sporting shorter shocks from the previous edition of the Taiwanese car. Aluminium bumper posts, rear ECS driveshafts and low friction ball cups complete the list of option parts being used by the German.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

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2014/15 Championship Standings (Rd4 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Völker Ronald - 616pts
2. Prümper Yannic - 610pts
3. Hagberg Alexander - 605pts
4. Rheinard Marc - 604pts
5. Coelho Bruno - 595pts
6. Wilck Viktor - 588pts
7. Fischer Marc - 578pts
8. Kaufmann Marco - 564pts
9. Südhoff Frederik - 558pts
10.Stadler Dionys - 557pts
11.Orlowski Michal - 552pts
12.Kutvonen Viljami - 542pts
13.Simurda Kuba - 513pts
14.Romagnoli Michele - 490pts
15.Widmer Fabian - 478pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Cerny Marek - 605pts
2. Gosvig Mike - 598pts
3. Hofer Martin - 596pts
4. Mächler Max - 583pts
5. Heitsch Henrik - 579pts
6. Gassauer Patrick - 574pts
7. Hettrich Valentin - 572pts
8. Sperr Johannes - 539pts
9. Catelani Nico - 534pts
10. Schneider Marvin - 514pts
11.Wagner Manuel - 508pts
12.Kölbel René - 502pts
13.Rettke Jan - 481pts
14.Hoppe Lars - 461pts
15.Ratheisky Jan - 457pts

Formula class
1. Ehrbar David - 608pts
2. Kölbel René - 586pts
3. Weber Herbert - 577pts
4. Wurmhöringer Markus - 556pts
5. Libar Jacques - 548pts
6. Leonardi Simone - 540pts
7. Forrai Gabor - 537pts
8. Klausner Michael - 523pts
9. Schuster Tobias - 515pts
10.Kovacs Zoltan - 500pts

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