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Friday, December 5, 2014

Rheinard TQ’s opening qualifier at ETS


Marc Rheinard will be hoping Day 1 of the new season of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series is a sign of things to come after the Tamiya driver TQ’d the opening round of qualifying from arch rival Ronald Volker.  A very close encounter which saw last season’s Top 3 finishers all take turns at the top of the time screens in the Czech Republic, a last lap error by Volker would allow Rheinard to take the first of the weekend’s four qualifiers by a comfortable 1.476 seconds with Alexander Hagberg completing the Top 3 a further 3/10th off.


Setting the fastest lap, Rheinard summed up the run as ‘fine’ having survived a moment on the straight half way into the 5-minute qualifier.  Getting sideways on the straight after he hit the curbing on the entry he said this lost him up to 8/10th of a second but in terms of the rest of the run he was pretty happy with how it went.  Running his aluminium chassis TRF419, the German said having a good set of tyres, unlike those he had in the final practice, the car was good again.  Planning to keep the car the same for the morning’s second qualifier he said the only thing he would do is just refreshen up the shocks.


Increasingly struggling to make conversation due to a worsening cough, Volker said being sick started to catch up with him having trouble focusing on his Yokomo around the track. Dominating this event last season on the way to his fourth ETS championship title, he said he was already over the limit trying to stay in control of the car with his concentration finally giving way on the last lap resulting in him rolling the BD7.  Aside from the driver struggling, the German ace said the car had a little more understeer than he was expecting which while it made the car easy to drive left him lacking the outright pace he had in the final practice. Adding that it is the ‘details on track that will decide’ the rest of the weekend with the pace very close he said he will work on the driver first with a dose of medicine and an early night planned.


Describing his Xray as being better than in practice, Hagberg said his ORCA powered T4 was very good for the first 3-minutes before dropping off.  Running wide on the straight the Swede would catch a bump on the outside which to his surprise almost launched the car into the fencing with the moment costing him 7/10th of a second.  Other than that he said the rest of the run was clean but added that for tomorrow morning he needs to work on getting the car to be more consistent for the full 5-minutes.

fri_prumper copy

Opting to run a brand new set of tyres for the first qualifying, most drivers having scrubbed in their allocated tyres during practice, Yannic Prumper would be disappointed with fourth.  Expecting the track to be ‘stickier’ he said the tyres took too long to come in with his early laps being ‘too slow’.  With his Much More powered BD7 on pace at the end, his fastest lap being his last, he said at least for now he has two scrubbed sets of tyres for the remaining qualifiers.


Serpent’s Marc Fischer would set the fifth fastest time.  Changes to the ackerman and rear diff on his S411 gave the former Hrotovice podium finisher a better car at the beginning of the qualifier but it again would develop understeer. Losing out on fourth after a couple of trips across the corner dots towards the end of the run, the German plans to revert to the set-up he ran in his open practice for Q2.


Completing an impressive first day on his competitive step into Modified, 2-time defending ETS Pro Stock champion Marek Cerny posted the sixth fastest time.  The Xray driver said his T4 was easy to drive but having seen a number of drivers make mistakes, one of such drivers being his super fast team-mate Bruno Coehlo, he decided it best to adapt a conservative approach to the run adding the outcome ‘was ok’.  Planning to go with a similar approach tomorrow for Q2 with the aim of another safe round he said then he can look at pushing in the remaining two.


Making the rear of his Tamiya narrower and running a different shock set-up Viktor Wilck would set the 7th fastest time.  The Swede said while a little better he is ‘still too slow’.  Asked what changes he would make to achieve this for Q2 he said he would give it thought overnight to try and come up with a potential solution.


Taking his Awesomatix to the 8th fastest time Viljami Kutvonen described his opening heat as ‘ok but too slow’.  Suffering ‘too much understeer’, the Finn said in practice his focus had been to get a good balance on his A700 and having now achieved that the plan for tomorrow was getting more steering.  Having run a Bittydesign M15 body shell today he said for Q2 he will switch to the Italian company’s Nardo shell which should increase steering.  Behind Kutvonen his team-mates Dionys Stadler and Freddy Südhoff completed the Top 10.


In the Xray Pro Stock class, having set the pace in practice ARC’s Lars Hoppe was able to carry forward that form and TQ the first round of qualifying from defending champion Marek Cerny.  Leaving his R10 2015 unchanged from the final practice, the German describing the car as working well, he was the only driver to complete 20 laps.  Describing the run as ‘safe’ he added he didn’t hold back either as was clear from him setting the fastest lap of the round.  With the car ‘working well’ and the track very consistent he said there is ‘no reason to make any changes’ for Q2.


Cerny said he missed out on a potential TQ because of a ‘stupid mistake’.  With his Xray struggling in left corners, something he intially put down to tyres, he said he discovered afterwards that the servo link was hitting the top deck effecting how linear the car’s steering was to the left.  Having made changes to the car’s steering set-up for Q1 he said overall this improved the feeling and he is confident that with the link fixed for Q2 he should be good.  Winner of this event last year, Jan Ratheisky was third closely followed by fellow Xray driver Valentin Hettrich.  Ratheisky would take the first round of Formula qualifying, the defending champion set the fastest time from practice pace setter Herbert Weber with René Kölbel completing the Top 3.




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Friday, December 5, 2014

Volker tops final practice in Czech

fri_ronald3 copy

Defending Yokomo Euro Touring Series Champion Ronald Volker has topped practice at the season opener in the Czech Republic laying down a new fastest 3-consecutive laps in the second timed practice to top the combined times sheets from early pace setter Marc Rheinard.  Chasing a fourth win at the Hrotovice venue, Volker knocked almost 3/10th of his early pace to go ahead of Rheinard, who failed to improve, while an improvement from Yannic Prumper allowed him maintain his Top 3 ahead of Alexander Hagberg.


Making ‘minor changes’ to his LRP powered Yokomo for the final practice, Volker said his improve pace came from having more steering.  The German added that while his BD7 was ‘not super easy to drive anymore’, the end result of ‘increasing pace’ was a good step forward.  Planning just one further ‘minor tweak’ to the set-up for the first of the four scheduled qualifiers, he said his main focus would be on his driving and putting in a strong first 5-minute run.


Again trying two cars, Tamiya’s Marc Rheinard said while the times for the second practice where below expectations he is confident he knows the reason for this and armed with that knowledge he should be ok for the first one.  With the carbon chassis TRF419 proving the fastest of the two Much More powered cars this time round, he said despite this he would run the alu chassis in Q1 adding that with a good set of tyres on it it has the pace to challenge Volker for a TQ run.


Changing the rear toe in on his Yokomo, Prumper said his BD7 had more steering but at the cost of it being more aggressive to drive with it particularly senstive to the track’s corner dots.  Despite this the German plans to leave it as is for tonight’s opening qualifier and just keep it away from the dots.


Improving his Xray through a ‘more aggressive steering set-up’, Alexander Hagberg improved by over a 1/10th of a second adding he believes his ORCA powered T4 is now fast enough. Predicting very close times in qualifying, the Swede said having made too many small mistake in his three practice runs his focus for now is just to drive better with him opting to leave the car as is for Q1.


Ending the practice fifth fastest thanks to his opening time, Serpent’s Marc Fischer said despite two significant changes, body and shock springs, his S411 suffered the ‘same shit’ as it did earlier adding that it just ‘pushed like hell’.  Planning a major change of direction with his set-up for qualifying he will go for a harder rear diff along with reducing the car’s ackerman.


Building on his impressive pace of the first practice when he was 9th fastest, ETS Pro Stock Champion Marek Cerny improved to end up 6th fastest.  Having changed to ‘super soft’ shock oil so as to work the alu chassis on his Xray T4 more and switch from a spool to a front diff, the Czech driver said this gave him the steering he was lacking earlier.  Now with too much the 20-year-old is set to go back a little with certain elements of his set-up change adding that overall he is feeling pretty good with his car going into qualifying on this his first serious attempt at racing Modified.


Xray team-mate Marco Kaufmann would enjoy a marked improvement as he bettered his 3-consecutive lap pace by half a second.  Making the rear of his T4 narrower, the 21-year-old said this made the car push less and with more steering the change was a good step forward.  Having ended up in the B-Main the last four times he got seeded in the top heat, the German said he is less nervous about running in that group this weekend and while his car just needs some minor tuning for Q1 the plan is to leave it as is and ‘just drive’. Behind Kaufmann the Top 10 was completed by Viktor Wilck, Freddy Sudhoff and ETS debutant Bruno Coehlo.


In the Xray Pro stock class, ARC Racing’s Lars Hoppe would top the times ahead of Mike Gosvig and Julian Borowski with early pace setter Martin Hofer failing to improve and dropping to fourth.  Changing from a Lightweight to a Superlightweight version of the Blitz GSF body, Hoppe said this made his R10 easier to drive.  Also making a change from a 5800mah to 7400mah Xcite RC battery, the German said this gave improvement to the car’s power over the duration of the run and the star of last season’s Luxembourg encounter, where he had a great battle for the win with champion Cerny, is feeling pretty confident for tonight when Pro Stock will run two of their qualifiers.  Although he improved his time Cerny would remain 5th fastest.  In the well supported Formula class, former Champion Herbert Weber topped the times with his CRC from the new Xray of defending back to back Champion Jan Ratheisky with Roman Pichler completing the Top 3.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Rheinard tops first timed practice at ETS


Marc Rheinard topped the first round of timed practice at the season opener of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in the Czech Republic. The Tamiya driver who closed off last season’s ETS championship with a victory was quickest over 3-consecutive laps from defending champion Ronald Volker, the pair separated by just 0.09 of a second around the large carpet track.  2/10th off Rheinard’s pace, Yannic Prumper would complete an all German Top 3 followed by Xray’s Alexander Hagberg and Serpent’s Marc Fischer.


‘Not too bad’ was how Rheinard summed up his early performance. Taking advantage of the latest round of the popular Czech Mibo Cup, which uses the same Sport-V-Hotel venue to host its championship, the former World Champion ran two different TRF419 chassis over the 4-minute practice.  Starting out with a carbon chassis car the German would set his fastest time with the second car he would run which is fitted with an aluminum chassis.  With the carbon chassis struggling with understeer, he described the alu version as ‘good’ and while he is swaying towards running this in qualifying he said for the final practice he will again run both cars. With different shock set-ups on the cars he will make both the same to get a more true comparison before making his final decision.


Feeling slightly under the weather as he is suffering from a sore throat, Volker who has dominated this event on the last three visits, this being the ETS’ fifth, said 2nd fastest was ‘not to bad’ but added ‘there is room for improvement’. Running an alloy chassis on his Yokomo BD7, the four time back to back champion reported understeer, something he put down to the ETS’ new spec carpet.  Commenting that normally on carpet too much steering is the issue, he said this particular carpet creates a lot of rear traction from the hand out Ride tyre causing the car to push.  With the steering improving as the tyres wear he said even allowing for this they would also ‘change a little’ the set-up for the final practice.


Running Yokomo’s standard carbon chassis on his BD7, Prumper felt his car is not the best for a ‘hot lap’ but the 20-year-old is condifent he has a really good package for a 5-minute run.  With the car very stable in the rear for the last timed practice his mechanic Toni Rheinard will adjust the toe in as well as change to a softer shock oil all round which he hopes will further improve an already good package.


‘Too slow’ was how Hagberg summed up his early pace.  The newly crowned nitro touring car World Champion said the track’s carpet is causing his T4 to push and they need to adjust the set-up to compensate for that fact.  Commenting on the layout, which he said is better than last year, the Swede likes the bigger layout which so far is proving to be about 3-seconds a lap slower such is the increase in size.


A podium finisher here two season back, Fischer said after changing bodyshell for the first time practice he will revert to the all white shell he ran in the morning’s open practice.  Switching to a Protoform Speed 6 done up is his orange colour scheme, he said due to this shell being mounted further back on his S411 the car pushed too much.  In addition to returning to the more forward mounted body which he said as well as giving more steering give a better overall feeling, the German also intends to make a front spring change.


Having tried two cars in open practice and opted to run just the alu chassis TRF419 for the first timed practice, Tamiya’s Viktor Wilck posted the 6th fastest time.  The Swede said while the alu version was better in terms of having more steering he still needs to reduce the understeer and so he plans to try a different shock set-up for the last practice.


Joined by Canadian team-mate Keven Hebert this weekend, Team Associated’s Juho Levanen set the 7th fastest time describing his car as ‘actually pretty good’.  Unfortunately half way through the run a heavy contact would result in him tweaking the car.  Testing different suspension parts on his TC6.2, with Herbert in turn trying another suspension package, the Finn is confident that there is more to come as he tweaked the car before the tyres had reached their best.  Other than dial out the tweak, the two time ETS race winner said he will run the same set-up for the second timed practice.


Running the same set-up as he did at last weekend’s Charty Race in Italy, Xray chassis designer Martin Hudy set the 8th fastest time.  The Slovak driver said while his T4 had a ‘little push’ it was OK for now as with the traction improving, so should the car’s steering.


Making his Ride Modified class debut since becoming back to back champion of the Xray Pro-Stock class, Marek Cerny posted the 9th fastest time.  The Czech factory Xray driver said while he could do with a little more steering his T4 was ‘super easy’ to drive. Describing this as his first serious attempt at racing Modified, his plan being to contest both Mod & Pro Stock at all six rounds this season, he said his aim for this weekend is the B-Main.  Only fifth fastest in the first timed Pro Stock practice he said this car was a ‘little more difficult’ but added traffic was too a bit of an issue over the 3-laps too and he feels his 5-minute pace is better.  Former champion Martin Hofer would top the Pro Stock times with his Schumacher setting the pace from the ARC of Lars Hoppe and Xray’s Mike Gosvig.


Completing the Top 10 in Modifed was Freddy Sudhoff.  While his Awesomatix team have spent the last week testing in Germany, work commitments meant Sudhoff was unable to attend.  Describing his two practice runs as ‘so far so good’, he said while the overall balance of the car is very good they will make a set-up change so as to try and get more on power steering.  Starting out with a Protoform Speed 6, for the first time run he switch to the American company’s new Dart shell.  Describing the body as making the car a lot easier to drive he said it was ‘probably too easy’ and he plans to go back for now to the Speed 6.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Track Focus – Hrotovice


Host – Mibo Sport
Country – Czech Republic
Location – Hrotovice
Venue - Sport-V-Hotel
Track type – Temporary
Surface – Carpet
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
Previous ETS races hosted – 4

The opening round of Season #8 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series marks two big milestones for the world famous championship. Taking place in the small town of Hrotovice, which is situated in the south of the Czech Republic about a one hour drive from the Austrian border, the event is the 40th running of an ETS event since its creation back in 2007.  A significant milestone for the championship, which continues to see growth with over 320 entries turning out for the first of the six rounds that make up the 2014/15 season, the race also sees the Michal Bok hosted event become the championship’s most visited venue, this being the fifth time drivers from around the world have travelled to the Sport-V-Hotel.

The most significant change to the venue, which despite its remoteness is hugely popular with racers, is a new extension to the large hall in which the race is hosted.  With the pits somewhat cosy last year, this weekend drivers will have a lot more elbow room thanks to the new side rooms, the largest of which sees pit spacing for 120 drivers.  In terms of the track this is also the largest track Bok and his crew has created, the black carpet track covering an area 30 metres wide and 24 metres deep.  With 11-second lap times for the leading Ride Modified competitors last year, in early practice 14-second laps look to be this year’s benchmark.

Commenting on the layout defending champion & last year’s race winner Ronald Volker described the track as ‘very flowing’.  The Yokomo driver said compared to traditional indoor track layouts it had more long corners instead of hairpin and chicanes.  Admitting that it was ‘personally a little too open’ for him, the German ace said ‘in the end it was nice to have such a large track for such a big event’ continuing that adding another lane of carpet was ‘a good idea’.  Asked what was key to a successful lap he said a lap was pretty straightforward but added having a centre straight that runs at a 90 degree angel to the drivers stand is little unusual to drive.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

ETS season opener attracts full house

ETS season opener attracts full house

It is set to be a full house for the opening round of the 2014/15 Yokomo Euro Touring Series with over 350 entries from drivers around the world set to descend on the Sport-V-Hotel in the small Czech town of Hrotovice this weekend (5-7 December). Entering its eighth season, the weekend marks a significant milestone in the history of the World famous championship as it will be the 40th running of an ETS race. The fifth time the popular venue has played host to the championship, the race promotes Hrotovice to the most visited and longest serving location on the ETS calendar with the hall having undergone an extension since last year’s encounter creating room to build a larger track than before. Renewing their successful partnership with the championship’s founders Uwe Rheinard and Scotty Ernst, defending champion manufacturer Yokomo will continue as title sponsors for a fifth consecutive season and having won the season opener for the last four years the Japanese company will be hoping to maintain that form this weekend.

Defending 4-time back to back champion Ronald Volker is unquestionably the man everyone must strive to beat in the premiere Ride Modified class. The Yokomo star will be looking to open his new campaign as he has done for the last four years with a victory, a victory that would again put the German equal with arch rival Marc Rheinard as the most winning driver in the championships history. Rheinard headed a Tamiya 1-2 at the season finale at the Hudy Arena and after pushing Volker hard for the win at last weekend’s Charity Race in Italy he starts the new season with greater confidence. Runner-up to Volker each season since relinquishing his 2009/10 ETS title to his fellow German, Rheinard will also be hoping to benefit from having raced in Hrotovice two weeks ago at the MIBO Cup while Volker was racing in Asia.

Winners of two rounds last season, Xray will be looking to Alexander Hagberg for a successful start to the new season. The Swede, twice an ETS winner on carpet, took a very convincing victory at Round 2 in Germany to put him in contention for the title along with Rheinard & Volker. Eventually finishing 3rd in the overall standings, Hagberg has since achieved the biggest prize of his career becoming the nitro touring car World Champion just last month in Thailand. Hrotovice will also see World Championship star & runner-up Bruno Coelho make his first ETS appearance, with Xray having high hopes for the talented Portuguese driver. Other drivers who can be expected to be in the mix are Freddy Sudhoff, the Awesomatix driver finishing on the podium there the past two seasons, Serpent’s Marc Fischer, who was second to Volker there during the 2012/13 championship, and Yokomo’s Yannic Prumper who enjoyed the win at the recent MIBO Cup encounter attended by Rheinard.

Once again Pro Stock makes up the majority of the capacity entry with defending champions Xray continuing as sponsors of the Much More powered class. Back to back champion Marek Cerny and Xray team-mate Jan Ratheisky will start out the season as title favourites, the pair between them having won all six rounds of the championship last season. While Cerny got the Pro Stock title, Ratheisky would successfully defend his title in the increasingly competitive Formula Class. Now entering its fourth season Round 1 has attracted an impressive 61 entries.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Primary Sponsors
Associate Sponsors ETS 2013/14 Sponsors Series Partners ETS 2013/14 Sponsors

2014/15 Final Standings (Round 1 of 6)

Ride Modified Class
1. Völker Ronald - 155pts
2. Hagberg Alexander - 153pts
3. Prümper Yannic - 152pts
4. Rheinard Marc - 152pts
5. Kutvonen Viljami - 150pts
6. Coelho Bruno - 149pts
7. Levanen Juho - 148pts
8. Fischer Marc - 147pts
9. Wilck Viktor - 146pts
10.Hudy Martin - 145pts
11.Stadler Dionys - 144pts
12.Cerny Marek - 143pts
13.Borowski Julian - 142pts
14.Orlowski Michal - 141pts
15.Ratheisky Jan - 140pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Hoppe Lars - 156pts
2. Ratheisky Jan - 153pts
3. Hettrich Valentin - 152pts
4. Gosvig Mike - 151pts
5. Kreder Markus - 150pts
6. Hofer Martin - 149pts
7. Cerny Marek - 148pts
8. Borowski Julian - 147pts
9. Bopp Bernhard - 146pts
10.Mächler Max - 145pts
11.Vogel Tobias - 144pts
12.Streit Tony - 143pts
13.Gassauer Patrick - 142pts
14.Stocker Alexander - 141pts
15.Homburg Kevin - 140pts

Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 156pts
2. Weber Herbert - 153pts
3. Ehrbar David - 152pts
4. Martini Francesco - 151pts
5. Kölbel René - 150pts
6. Pichler Roman - 149pts
7. Sperr Johannes - 148pts
8. Bultynck Olivier - 147pts
9. Delise Nicolas - 146pts
10.Raimann Daniel - 145pts

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