Pit Focus – Naoto Matsukura


Team: Tamiya
Neighbours: Takayuki Kono (front), Akio Sobue (left)
Charger: Muchmore “Double Accel”
Tools: Muchmore/Tamiya
Setup Tools: Hudy Setup System, Muchmore setup board
Car Stand: Muchmore
Lipo Bag: Muchmore
Transport Bag: OGIO
Features: Schwip-Schwap bottle, Monster Energy can, wallet, iPhone 6+, Lucky Charm, Airwave chewing-gums, Muchmore digital scale, Ferrari Watch, Muchmore pit lamp.

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Chassis Focus – Lars Hoppe


Chassis – ARC R11
Motor – Muchmore (handout)
ESC – Muchmore (handout)
Batteries – Xcite RC 7400mAh
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa/Savox
Bodyshell – Blitz LSF
Remarks – Top ARC driver Lars Hoppe is debuting the all new R11 here in Muelheim-Kaerlich. The car features narrower bulkheads, ball raced anti-roll bar mounts and a lower centre of gravity. His example is a standard car, the floating servo mount now coming in the kit, with the only exception a pre-production aluminium chassis.

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Carpet issues force track rebuild at ETS


Having attracted a record 440 plus entries made up of some 360 drivers from around the World, Round 2 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series threw up an unexpected drama this morning during practice as the copy of the 2015 layout through up a hidden problem. Ordering their renowned ‘Black ETS Carpet’, as is done every round, it would transpire that in error a different carpet was delivered to the Muelheim-Kaerlich venue. With the carpet fluffing up and having low traction, the record Formula entry in particular struggling to get their cars to work, the ETS organisers have made the decision to resurface the track with the correct carpet.


With the only hint during the build that there was to be an issue was that once rolled out the carpet had a plastic protective sheeting which was removed.  A massive under taking to rebuild the track during the World biggest race, on announcing the decision drivers gave a round of applause.  With the supplier a three hour drive away, practice will continue on the old carpet, until the carpet arrives after which a track crew of around 20 staff will set about doing a full track rebuild.  This is expected to take around 2-3 hours.  With the surface change and new carpet needing to be broken in, once the rebuild is complete, the layout staying the same, drivers will get a 2-minute practice round before qualifying getting underway, Formula 1 now the only class that will run a qualifier today due to the revised schedule.


Another , but somewhat smaller issue to face the organisers this morning was the highly anticipated ETS debut of Masami Hirosaka.  Set to run in Formula this morning, it turns out the 14-time World Champion is still on his travels from Japan after his passport expiry date was found to be too short to meet European entry requirements. Having to leave Narita airport and go get an emergency passport issued, he is now on his way but will now not land in Germany until tonight.  Coming out of retirement for the race, the announcement of his entry generating a huge reaction, Masami will now go in at the deep end with his first lap of the track set to be in the second round of qualifying.

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Track Focus – Muelheim-Kaerlich


Host – ETS
Country – Germany
Location – Muelheim-Kaerlich
Venue – Philipp-Heift Halle
Track type – Temporary
Surface – Carpet
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
Previous ETS races hosted – 4

Now on its fifth visit to the 1344 sq meter Philipp-Heift sports hall in Muelheim-Kaerlich, the German round of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series continues to set new records.  Joining the calendar in 2011,  when it hosted the Season #5 opener, this year’s event has attracted over 440 entries with some 360 drivers travelling from around the world.  In terms of the track layout the track looks almost identical to last year.  Set out in an area 20m X 39m, the flow of the track is a copy of 2015 with just a little more length in the middle straight and tightening up of the right side sweepers a little.

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Chassis Focus – Victor Wilck


Chassis – Serpent S411 Eryx 4.0
Motor – Speed Passion 4.5T
ESC – Speed Passion GT4
Batteries – MTB 315 6900mah
Tires – Volante (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – Top Serpent driver Viktor Wilck is running an updated version of the Eryx 4.0 here in Germany at the 2nd round of the ETS. The car features a stiffer top deck with no cuts in the front and a new servo mount, while the 2,25 mm thick chassis is from the 3.0 version of the car. He is also debuting the production Speed Passion GT4 speedo.

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Chassis Focus – Patrick Schaefer


Chassis – Shepherd Velox F1
Motor – Hobbywing (handout)
ESC – Hobbywing (handout)
Batteries – LRP 2900 mah “LCG”
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – KO Propo/Futaba
Bodyshell – Kit body
Remarks – Shepherd designer Patrick Schafer is running in the ETS Formula class debuting their latest project, called the Velox F1. The car features adjustable wheelbase, a ball diff which is adjustable from the outside and its clean design includes a symmetric chassis and centre mount for the shock and the body posts.

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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd2

Volante Modified Class
1. Rheinard Marc - 308pts
2. Coelho Bruno - 308pts
3. Völker Ronald - 304pts
4. Hagberg Alexander - 304pts
5. Stadler Dionys - 297pts
6. Prümper Yannic - 296pts
7. Kutvonen Viljami - 294pts
8. Harper Elliott - 294pts
9. Jefferies Olly - 292pts
10.Vejrak Meen - 288pts
11.Jasmin Loic - 282pts
12.Krapp Christopher - 282pts
13.Orlowski Michal - 282pts
14.Fischer Marc - 279pts
15.Urbain Lucas - 276pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 309pts
2. Cerny Marek - 301pts
3. Johannessen Helge - 301pts
4. Krägefski Tom - 299pts
5. Gosvig Mike - 299pts
6. Bopp Bernhard - 294pts
7. Hofer Martin - 292pts
8. Hoppe Lars - 290pts
9. Mächler Max - 284pts
10.Benson Tim - 283pts
11.Kreder Markus - 283pts
12.Rettke Jan - 276 pts
13.Vogel Tobias - 275pts
14.Mikkelsen Frederik - 272 pts
15.Hettrich Valentin - 272pts

Serpent Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 312pts
2. Bultynck Olivier - 305pts
3. Ehrbar David - 298pts
4. Weber Herbert - 297pts
5. Martini Francesco - 295pts
6. Kölbel René - 294pts
7. Miedema Jitse - 292pts
8. Donath Christian - 291pts
9. Stocker Alexander - 291pts
10.Peter Miko - 291pts

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