July 20, 2013

Chassis Focus – Marc Fischer


Chassis Name – Serpent S411 ERYX
Motor – Thunder Power
ESC – Hobbywing
Batteries – Thunder Power
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servos – Sanwa
Remarks – Marc Fischer is running some new production parts on his S411 ERYX such as the front and rear upper aluminium suspension mounts and single piece aluminium front spool shaft. The suspension mounts are lightweight and include an additional linkage mount while the spool must be used with blades on the drive shafts. In terms of setup the German’s car was pushing mid corner when they arrived and have adjusted the droop front and rear to improve this as well as soften the oil on the rear diff and use split rear lower hinge pin blocks which he feels also works best with used tires.

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July 20, 2013

Volker ‘Top Qualifier’ for ETS Finale

Yokomo TQ

Ronald Volker is Top Qualifier for the season finale of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series after the Yokomo driver carried through his form from yesterday’s opening two qualifiers to top the third round this morning at the Hudy Racing Arena to put pole position for Sunday’s title deciding A-Main beyond the reach of his rivals.  It was the perfect morning for Yokomo as they also locked up overall TQ honours in Slovakia with their Pro Stock team driver and outgoing champion Zdenko Kunak.


Topping the round from HB’s Andy Moore, who was on new tyres, Volker described his run on used tyres as ‘awesome’.  Having previously been at a disadvantage to his rivals when running used tyres on asphalt,  the German said after a lot of hard work by his engineer Umino Yukijiro they had finally found a way to get the BD7 to be competitive on old tyres.  Delighted to sew up the overall TQ, the result takes Volker a step closer to a third consecutive ETS title.  Complimenting Kunak on his performance in Pro Stock saying the team could not have asked for better, Volker said the team’s attention is now on trying to help his Modified team-mate Yannic Prumper, who still has a new set of tyres, improve his performance for the final two qualifiers so hopefully he can secure the No.2 spot on the grid thereby making the task in the final for the Tamiyas, and in particular title rival Marc Rheinard, more difficult.

Marc Rheinard

Rheinard took third for the round despite a costly roll on his final lap which cost him almost 5-seconds.  The German said he was lucky all the other drivers just missed out on making 17 laps so while the mistake was frustrating it didn’t effect his position for the round.  With Rheinard’s handling issues clearly visible to see on track, the Tamiya Racing Factory driver said that on power the car has chronic oversteer.  While he has still to use his second set of allocated qualifying tyres he said with Volker taking the TQ honours his chance at the title is now very hard as even if he can turn things around and win tomorrow he also needs Volker to finish 3rd or lower.


While the round was by far his best run so far Moore said new tyres were probably the only reason for his pace.  The British ace said for a new tyre run he should have been a lot faster adding that ‘in general (they are) not quite there yet’ in terms of set-up.  ‘Still searching for something’ he plans to change a ‘bunch of stuff’ for the penultimate qualifier.

Magnus Vassmar

The next fastest driver running new tyres for the round was Xray’s Magnus Vassmar who took his T4 to fifth.  The Swede said he didn’t drive particularly well and as a result he didn’t make the most of the new tyres.  Happy with how his car is working he doesn’t plan to make any set-up changes for Q4 focusing instead on improving his driving.  Team-mate & fellow countryman Alexander Hagberg was sixth fastest just 3/10th behind.  The former ETS race winner said he pushed a little too hard which resulted in him running wide a number of times. Still with a new set of tyres at his disposal he said he is confident for the remaining two qualifiers.


Having used his two sets of tyres in the opening two qualifiers to finish second to Volker on both occasions, TRF’s Viktor Wilck could only manage 7th on used rubber.  Behind the Gran Canaria race winner Awesomatix’s Viljami Kutvonen had his best Modified qualifier.  The Finn was on new tyres but said reverting to the original chassis plate in combination with new anti tork steer parts he was much happier with his A700.  Planning to adjust the roll centres for Q4 he said he hopes he can get two more strong runs and make the A-Main.

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July 20, 2013

Qualifying times – Round 3

Ride Modified Q3 times
1. Ronald Völker – Yokomo – 17/5:16.248
2. Andy Moore – HB – 17/5:18.062
3. Marc Rheinard – Tamiya – 17/5:23.421
4. Yannic Prümper – Yokomo – 16/5:00.192
5. Magnus Vässmar – Xray – 16/5:00.356
6. Alexander Hagberg – Xray – 16/5:00.680
7. Viktor Wilck – Tamiya – 16/5:01.172
8. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix – 16/5:01.246
9. Fabian Bucher – Xray – 16/5:02.504
10.Marco Kaufmann – Xray – 16/5:02.777

Xray Pro Stock Q3 times
1. Zdenko Kunak – Yokomo – 15/5:08.233
2. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix – 15/5:09.181
3. Marek Cerny – Xray – 15/5:11.255
4. Dominic Vogl – Awesomatix – 15/5:11.919
5. Henrik Heitsch – ARC – 15/5:12.638
6. David Nemcek – Xray – 15/5:13.178
7. Olivier Bultynck – VBC Racing – 15/5:13.396
8. Martin Hofer – Schumacher – 15/5:14.880
9. Jan Asmer – Serpent – 15/5:15.880
10.Blazej Orlowski – Yokomo – 15/5:15.827

July 19, 2013

Perfect day for Volker at Hudy Arena


It was the perfect day for Ronald Volker at the Hudy Racing Arena in Slovakia as the Team Yokomo driver topping the opening two rounds of qualifying at the title deciding season finale of the 2012/13 Yokomo Euro Touring Series. Having topped timed practice earlier in the day, the German who is chasing a third consecutive ETS title opened qualifying with a TQ run which he then backed up with an even faster 5-minute run in Q2 which brought Day 1 of the event to a close. Once again it was Tamiya’s Viktor Wilck who was the closest challenger, the Swede again posting the second fastest time in a Round that saw tyre strategy play a big part, Serpent’s Marc Fischer benefiting from near new tyres to set the 3rd quickest run.

Ronald Volker

‘Everything is going to plan’ was how Volker summed up the day. Running his second set of allocated Ride tyres in Q2 he said they knew they had to match Wilck who also ran new tyres for the round. Admitting that Wilck has the faster car in the early laps he said he had to be careful not to drive too aggressively trying to match him and this approach paid off as on lap 5 of 17 he assumed control of the pace staying there till the end to take the round, which was 2.5 seconds quicker than Q1, by 1.7 seconds from Wilck. Wilck said he had the same issues as in Q1 with his TRF417 ‘pretty good’ for the first few laps before the front tyres go off and the car starts to ‘push’.

Marc Fischer

Having pulled up in Q1 after 5-laps following a crash, Fischer was happy with his 3rd. The German described his opening laps as a ‘little shit’ but said his S411 feels good and for tomorrow he will stay with the same set-up. Setting the fourth fastest time and the quickest driver for the round on second run tyres was Yannic Prümper. The Yokomo driver said considering this and how close he was able to run with Fischer he was pretty pleased with the run.


While Volker has had the perfect day the same cant be said for his only title rival. Rheinard had a spin on his opening lap which cost him a second and overall the German is not happy with the performance of his TRF417 on such a critical weekend, the 3-time World Champion critical of the tyres.


Completing the Top 6 was Team Xray’s Adrian Berntsen. The Norwegian suffered an speedo problem in Q1 which ended his run after just 4-laps, but the 19-year-old was able to turn that to his advantage in Q2 as he capitalised on having fresher tyres. Happy with his T4 he said by the end of the run the car started to develop understeer and for tomorrow’s remaining 3 qualifiers he plans to alter his tyre prep.


Setting the seventh fastest time on used tyres, Freddy Südhoff said he was surprised at how good his Awesomatix ran. While the cooler condition have always suited the A700, he said he was still pleased with the performance of the car considering the number of drivers who ran new tyres. Another driver running on practically new tyres was Team Associated’s Juho Levanen who posted the 9th fastest time behind Alexander Hagberg. Completing only 2-laps in Q1, just like Italian Alessio Menicucci who set the 10th fastest time, the former ETS race winner said he was a little disappointed he didn’t finish higher. Describing his TC6.1 as feeling ‘pretty good’ he said he needs now to choose carefully when he runs his second set of tyres.


In the Xray Pro Stock class Zdenko Kunak made it the perfect day for Yokomo as he backed up his Q1 TQ run with another fastest time in the second qualifier ahead of Viljami Kutvonen and championship protagonist Marek Cerny.

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July 19, 2013

Qualifying times – Round 2

Ride Modified Q2 times
1. Ronald Völker – Yokomo – 17/5:10.769
2. Viktor Wilck – Tamiya – 17/5:12.540
3. Marc Fischer – Serpent – 17/5:14.131
4. Yannic Prümper – Yokomo – 17/5:14.463
5. Marc Rheinard – Tamiya – 17/5:15.027
6. Adrian Berntsen – Xray – 17/5:15.198
7. Frederik Südhoff – Awesomatix – 17/5:15.529
8. Alexander Hagberg – Xray – 17/5:15.590
9. Juho Levanen – Associated – 17/5:17.588
10.Alessio Menicucci – Xray – 17/5:17.777

Xray Pro Stock Q2 times
1. Zdenko Kunak – Yokomo – 15/5:07.578
2. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix – 15/5:07.764
3. Marek Cerny – Xray – 15/5:11.882
4. Mike Gosvig – Awesomatix – 15/5:12.501
5. Barnabas Toth – Yokomo – 15/5:13.084
6. Martin Hofer – Schumacher – 15/5:13.088
7. David Nemcek – Xray – 15/5:13.962
8. Jan Asmer – Serpent – 15/5:14.061
9. Tobias Hepp – Xray – 15/5:14.095
10.Henrik Heitsch – ARC – 15/5:14.324