February 8, 2015

Chassis Focus – Marc Rheinard


Chassis – Tamiya TRF 419
Motor – Muchmore 5.0T
ESC – Muchmore
Batteries – Muchmore 6000 mAh
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Sanwa/Xpert
Bodyshell – Protoform LTC-R
Remarks – German Tamiya’s star Marc Rheinard got back to victory on carpet using a pretty standard version of the 419, only equipped with a prototype aluminium chassis, mixed titanium and aluminium screws and double joint front driveshafts.

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February 8, 2015

Rheinard ends 5-year ETS carpet win drought in Germany


Marc Rheinard took a significant victory at Round 2 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series in Germany today, the win marking the Tamiya driver’s first ETS win on carpet in 5-years. The last indoor win for the championship’s most winning driver came in Warsaw, Poland, in 2010, the year the 4-time World Champion claimed his one and only ETS title.  Having taken an unchallenged A1 win last night at the Muelheim-Kaerlich event, Rheinard secured his 13th ETS victory by cruising to another easy win over reigning champion Ronald Volker in A2.


‘A good weekend’ was Rheinard’s reaction, him adding ‘I can’t remember the last time I won an ETS race on carpet’.  ‘After the disappointment of Hrotovice I needed to try to come back into contention for the overall championship and this is a good start’. Top Qualifier for the record breaking entry race, as he was at the season opener in the Czech Republic but where he ended up only finishing 4th, the German said the weekend shows Tamiya have made progress with the TRF419 and they are now going in the right direction for the future.  Although supported by TRF engineer and competent racer Takayuki Kono who qualified in the B-Main, Rheinard said the win was also important following the departure of longtime team-mate Viktor Wilck with him joking ‘the next race it will be a Tamiya 1-2 with Naoto (Matsukura)’. Making a shock switch from Yokomo to Tamiya last month, World Champion Matsukura is expected to attend Round 3 of the ETS when the championship makes its long awaited return to Italy.


Having a pretty lonely race, helped by Wilck making contact with Yannic Prumper on lap 2, Volker who won the season opener said ‘you cant win them all’.  The Yokomo driver said after struggling last night with his BD7, they took the gamble to use a set-up very close to that of Yokomo team-mate Loic Jasmin, the French Champion enjoying a strong event this weekend.  Also changing tyres and opting to do no warm-up at all, Yukijiro Umino placing his car directly on the grid for the start, the 4-time back to back champion said the ‘gamble didn’t pay off’ and the car had too much understeer.  While the car improved over the 5-minutes, his fastest lap being his last lap, he suspects even had he caught up to Rheinard his rival had more speed in reserve.  With second overall still open, he said they will again have to takes risks for A3 and switch back to his qualifying set of tyres to try and improve rear traction so as he can hopefully keep the field behind him and secure the win, Rheinard sitting out the closing race of the event which attracted 408 entries.


Describing the contact from Wilck as ‘bad luck’, Prumper who had a DNF in A1 said luckily he was able to get back passed Alexander Hagberg and Christopher Krapp for third.  Starting second for A3 behind Volker, the third place qualifier said with 2nd overall still possible he would be going maximum attack for the leg win.  Although he struggled with the rear of his car being loose early in the run he said overall the track had less traction than in A1 but expecting that to improve for A3 he will not make any set-up changes.


Finishing fourth after getting passed by Prumper on the penultimate lap, Krapp said it was ‘a very exciting final’ for him and he ‘really enjoyed’ the battle with his fellow countryman.  Putting a really good move on Hagberg at the hairpin after the chicane, the Kyosho team driver said his car had Top 3 pace but he needs to get by Hagberg quicker, last year’s winner struggling this weekend.


Setting the fastest lap of the race, Wilck was pretty annoyed being called in for a Stop & Go penalty for his contact with Prumper. With his Serpent S411 very loose at the start of the race, the Swede said he unintentionally slid into the back of Prumper immediately waiting to give back position only then to be called to also serve a penalty.  With his race over after the Stop & Go as he dropped to 9th on a track where passing is proving almost impossible, he said while the car was fast, him setting the fastest lap of the race, it was difficult to drive as his ‘tyres are done’.  Third in A1 and therefore still a contender for a podium finish in his Serpent debut he will run his other set of tyres for A3.


In the Xray Pro Stock class, A2 also saw the overall win decided as Mareck Cerny repeated another unchallenged tone to tone win.  The first win of the season for the back to back defending champion, Cerny would win A2 from Awesomatix’ Max Mächler and Czech Republic winner Lars Hoppe.  For Cerny’s team-mates Mike Gosvig and Jan Ratheisky, who started directly behind him on the grid, it was not a good race as Gosvig made a mistake half way in while holding second and Ratheisky got into the side of A1 third place finisher Helge Johannessen.  In Formula, Ratheisky had no such issues as he did a 2013 season Sebastian Vettel and left the rest of the field in his track to secure the overall win, the second of the season for the ETS Champion.




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February 8, 2015

Chassis Focus – Helge Johannessen


Chassis – ARC R10 2015
Motor – Muchmore (handout)
ESC – Muchmore (handout)
Batteries – Silverback 7200mah
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servo – Futaba
Bodyshell – Blitz TSX
Remarks – One of ARC’s four ProStock A-main finalists here in Muelheim, Helge Johannesen is running a number of optionals on his R10 2015. Choosing to run an aluminum chassis, he also opted for the short version shocks and an entire low friction transmission set. To lower the overall weight, titanium and aluminum screws and turnbuckles have been installed as well as aluminum rear dogbones.

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February 8, 2015

Rheinard cruises to A1 win at German ETS


Tamiya’s Marc Rheinard cruised to an unchallenged win in the opening A-Main at Round 2 of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series tonight in Germany. Posting the fastest lap of the race the Top Qualifier would win by a 1.4-seconds from the number 2 starting Yokomo of Ronald Volker and new Serpent signing Viktor Wilck both benefiting from an mistake by Yannic Prumper which saw the Yokomo driver crash out while running second.


‘So far its a copy of Hrotovice’ was Rheinard’s reaction after his win, the German referring to Round 1 of the championship when he TQ’d and took A1 only to crash out in A2 and ended up leaving the Czech Republic with only 4th place.  Continuing ‘this time though I still have good tyres’, he said he knew Volker might not be so quick at the start and he was able to use this to build up a ‘small gap’.  Expecting Volker would let Prumper through if he hadn’t found speed for A1 he said by the time he did that he knew that while he might be able to catch him, passing would be another thing so he never felt under threat.  Pleased with his car, the championship’s most winning driver said other than check it over he would run it as is for A2 tomorrow morning.


Changing to a different set of tyres and back to his Q2 set-up, Volker said the oversteer he suffered in Q4 turn to understeer.  Lacking overall grip in the opening laps, the reigning champion said he let his team-mate Prumper through but after 2-minutes his BD7 got better and he was able to match Rheinard’s pace, Prumper having crashed out after 8-laps.  With Wilck running all over the back of his car for the first part of the race, he said he was able to break away from the Swede once his car improved.  Winner of the Season #8 opener, Volker said they have no choice but to again try something with the set-up for A2 as a last chance effort to go for the overall win.

sat_viktor copy

Accepting congratulation from his new team for his efforts to try and get by Volker, Wilck said ‘I just couldn’t find a way passed Ronald’.  Describing his S411 as feeling really good he said even with his car much better than the Yokomo at the end of the straight Volker was able to block him.  Making heavy contact with the boards through the chicane he said that ended his challenge for second with the car feeling tweaked after the impact.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s remaining two Mains, he said his A1 performance was very encouraging and already he was able to show the potential that lies with his new team.


Asked about his off after the chicane, Prumper said he was pushing hard to try and make up the gap to Rheinard and just clipped the boards causing his car to shoot off at the hairpin.  Having got by last year’s race winner Alexander Hagberg on lap 6, Christopher Krapp would be promoted to fourth by Prumper’s retirement with the Kyosho driver holding position to the end ahead of Hagberg with Marc Fischer completing the Top 6.


There were also easy wins for Top Qualifiers Marek Cerny and Jan Ratheisky in the opening Pro Stock and Formula A-Mains.  In Pro Stock such was Cerny’s lead the reigning champion was able to back off over the final three laps to head home an Xray 1-2 over team-mate Mike Gosvig with an impressive drive from ARC backed driver Helge Johannessen netting the towering Norwegian third.  In Formula Ratheisky was a class act and despite the best efforts of Ride Modified A-Main starter Bruno Coelho he won by almost 2-seconds with Gosvig making a 1-2-3 for the championship winning Xray X1.




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