Q4 Update

Ronald Volker

In the penultimate qualifier for the fourth round of the Euro Touring Series in Poland, Ronald Volker and Zdenko Kunák returned to the top of the time sheets putting them both on target to secure their third overall TQ honours of the 2011/12 season in their respective classes.

Alexander Hagberg

Volker produced his second 24-lap run of the event in Q4 ahead of the Xray of Alexander Hagberg who becomes the only other driver to match the Yokomo driver in terms of laps completed over 5-minutes. In what is turning out to be a Germany versus Sweden battle this weekend, Magnus Vässmar was third fastest ahead of fellow Swede Viktor Wilck with championship standings leader Christopher Krapp fifth.

Having set the pace in Q3 Freddy Südhoff suffered a spur gear failure in the fourth heat but goes into the final qualifier as the only driver who can deny Volker from starting tomorrow’s final on pole position. Setting the fastest lap for the round with a 12.743, Marc Rheinard was on a potential TQ run until a mistake on lap 8 cost him over 2 seconds, a further two mistakes meant the World Champion ended up with 19th for the round.


Behind Kunák in the Xray Pro-Stock class Martin Hofer took second for the round with Q3 pace setter Oliver Franke third, the trio separated by just 7/10th. Like Volker, Kunák only has one challenger to him carrying No.1 on his Xray in the A-Main and that is Franke. In the Formula class Austrian driver Herbert Weber backed up his Q3 TQ run leaving him equal with Germany’s Dai Sakaguchi, who TQ’d the opening two qualifiers, meaning its going to be decided on who ends up with the fastest 5-minute time.

Ride Modified Qualifying Round 4
1. Ronald Volker (DE) – Yokomo – 24/5:11.316
2. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 24/5:12.611
3. Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 23/5:00.913
4. Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 23/5:01.794
5. Christopher Krapp (DE) – Kyosho – 23/5:02.530
6. Zdenko Kunak (SK) – Xray – 23/5:02.857
7. Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 23/5:03.539
8. Tim Wahl (DE) – Xray – 23/5:04.098
9. Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix – 23/5:04.175
10.Niclas Nilsson (SE) – Xray – 23/5:04.693

Xray Pro-Stock Qualifying Round 4
1. Zdenko Kunak (SK) – Xray – 22/5:04.731
2. Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 22/5:05.456
3. Oliver Franke (DE) – HB – 22/5:05.531
4. Michal Orlowski (PL) – Tamiya – 22/5:07.524
5. Steffen Leinburger (DE) – HB – 22/5:07.613
6. Ivan Laptev (RU) – Awesomatix – 22/5:07.964
7. Marek Cerny (CZ) – Yokomo – 22/5:08.589
8. Rob Janssen (NL) – Tamiya – 22/5:09.056
9. Carsten Madsen (DK) – Awesomatix – 22/5:09.416
10.Daniel Wohlgemuth (DE) – HB – 22/5:09.516

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Südhoff takes 3rd qualifier

Freddy Südhoff

Awesomatix team driver Freddy Südhoff has taken the third round of qualifying at the Yokomo Euro Touring in Poznan, Poland. The 22-year-old, who is being tipped to be a strong title contender at this year’s upcoming World Championships, is the first driver to top the time sheets as early event dominator Ronald Volker rolled his Yokomo out of a TQ run before pulling up after a second mistake in Q3.

Having described his A700 as feeling like a drift car in Q2, ‘Fast Freddy’ said a change to his tyre prep gave him the start pace he had been looking for but added that by the end of the 5-minutes it was starting to get a little loose. Having tried different tyre preparations for each of his runs so far this weekend the German, who just set the fastest lap of the weekend with 12.708, said he thinks now its time to focus on the set-up of the unique dampers on the Russian designed car.

Alexander Hagberg

Losing out on a TQ run to Südhoff by 15/100ths following a messy final lap, Alexander Hagberg was still very upbeat about his latest run. The Swede has been fighting with his own driving since arriving in Poland but believes he has now got that under control. Admitting he lost out on taking the round due to some small mistakes in the final few laps, the Round 3 podium finisher said his Xray is working well and with his confidence coming back up he is determined to redeem himself in the final two qualifiers.

Marc Rheinard

Another driver to throw away a TQ run was Marc Rheinard. The World Champion caught a dot coming onto the straight on his penultimate lap losing 1-second to finish third fastest 4/10th off the TQ pace. The Tamiya driver switched his front tyres from left to right for Q3 and said it reversed the problem he had in the opening two qualifiers of the car being ok through left corners and a handful when turning right. The German, who said the mistake was his own doing, also tried a front geardiff for the round but said he thinks he will revert to a spool for his next run.

Magnus Vässmar

With his Xray a bit of a handful in Q2, Magnus Vässmar said he changed his tyre prep and rebuilt his shocks for the third round which slightly improved it but it was still too hard to drive and once again lead him to make a mistake. Taking fourth for the round which currently puts him fifth in the qualification ranking he plans to try a number of changes to the set-up for his penultimate heat. Making it three Xray’s in the Top 5 young German driver Marco Kaufmann drove a strong round to set the fifth fastest time ahead of championship leader Christopher Krapp, the pair running in the second fastest of the heat groupings.

19-year-old Krapp said his Kyosho was the same as in Q2, in which he was 16th, only this time round he made no mistakes. Admitting his is still someway off the pace of front runners the German plans to try make the TF6 easier to drive for Q4 in the hope that he will be able to push a little harder without taking too much risk. He added that he is also starting to get more confident with the carpet track so all in all things are starting to look a lot more positive about making the A-Main.

Still the only driver to record 24-laps around the huge track here at the Poznan MotorShow, Volker ran the same set up for the third heat and said he wasn’t sure if his traction roll was due to him driving a little to aggressive or due to a change in track conditions. After his roll the ETS Champion said he tried to make back the time but pushed too hard resulting in a second mistake after which he decided to pull up.

Oliver Franke

In the Xray Pro-Stock class we also saw a change at the top after the top qualifier from Q1 & 2 Zdenko Kunák also rolled his Xray. This left the door open for HB driver Oliver Franke to post fastest time. The German driver who rolled in the opening two qualifiers leaving him well down the order glued up his front tyre walls and opted to go for a clean rather than fast run and said the end result was ‘near perfect’. Defending Champion Martin Hofer took second for the round with Polish Tamiya driver Michal Orlowski completing the Top 3.

Ride Modified Qualifying Round 3
1. Freddy Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 23/5:00.562
2. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 23/5:00.714
3. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 23/5:00.964
4. Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 23/5:02.668
5. Marco Kaufmann (DE) – Xray – 23/5:03.095
6. Christopher Krapp (DE) – Kyosho – 23/5:03.432
7. Eric Dankel (DE) – Yokomo – 23/5:03.615
8. Martin Hudy (SK) – Xray – 23/5:05.092
9. Tim Wahl (DE) – Xray – 23/5:06.250
10.Elliot Harper (GB) – Tamiya – 23/5:06.271

Xray Pro-Stock Qualifying Round 3
1. Oliver Franke (DE) – HB – 22/5:06.563
2. Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 22/5:06.736
3. Michal Orlowski (PL) – Tamiya – 22/5:08.648
4. Steffen Leinburger (DE) – HB – 22/5:09.009
5. Denis Zuykov (RU) – Awesomatix – 22/5:09.541
6. Jens Kroger (DE) – Kyosho – 22/5:09.616
7. Rob Janssen (NL) – Tamiya – 22/5:09.958
8. Tony Streit (DE) – Xray – 22/5:10.497
9. Marek Cerny (CZ) – Yokomo – 22/5:10.583
10.Fabian Boucher (DE) – Xray – 22/5:10.595

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Q2 Update

Modified Grid

The second round of qualifying at the fourth round of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series saw a repeat of last night’s opening heat with Ronald Volker again fastest in the Ride Modified class while Zdenko Kunák continued to set the pace in the Xray Pro stock class.

Having made a shock change to his LRP powered Yokomo BD5, Volker said it gave him the steering he lacked in Q1 allowing him to become the first driver to post a 24-lap run. The defending champion said after the first minute race announcer Scotty Ernst stopped giving the gap and while he knew he was the pace setter he had no idea how close the others were forcing him to drive more aggressively than normal. At the end of the 5-minute the result was a time that over 3-seconds quicker than Marc Rheinard who took second for the round.

Marc Rheinard

Rheinard said his Tamiya was still the same as yesterday and his run to second was just a ‘lucky’ one as most of the others made mistakes. Suffering a lack of traction he said he changed the set-up on his Speed Passion powered TRF417 but it made no difference and having used his practice tyres in the morning’s open practice in which the car felt good said it has to be the tyres that are his problem.

Not happy with how his Awesomatix felt at the start of his Q1 run, Freddy Sudhoff used tyre warmers ahead of Q2 but he said while he made the A700 work well for the start in the middle of the run it felt like a drift car. Despite this the German still improved on his time opening time to again set the third fastest time. Sudhoff said he wont be using his tyre warmers for Q3 but wants to talk with the rest of the growing Awesomatix team to see what to try so as he has a more consistent car over the run.

Alexander Hagberg

Setting the fourth fastest time Team Xray’s Alexander Hagberg summed up his start to Day 2 in Poland as ‘much better’. Having struggled more with his own driving yesterday the Swede said things felt ‘more normal’ today. Making a front roll centre change on his T3 2012 and running a smoother power curve on his ORCA speedo he said it was much nicer to drive. Making one mistake he said apart from Volker the rest of the field was very close with himself, Sudhoff and Rheinard separated by 7/10ths.

Team-mate Magnus Vässmar, the star of yesterday’s proceedings, said he made the mistake of not changing his car from yesterday. The larger than expected rise in traction over Q1 caught him out and with the car very edgy he had a roll leaving him to finish 6th for the round. The Swede said he will go for a safe set-up for his next run. Right behind Vässmar by just 19/1000ths was Martin Hudy, the man responsible for the development of the T3. The Slovak driver said he went from a hard to a soft shock oil for Q1 but he went too far but running in between the two this morning it was much better. Due to his poor opening run he said he drove a safe second round but believes there is more speed in the car. Changing to a harder diff oil for his next heat he said he will also drive harder this time round.

Andy Moore

Inbetween the Xrays, HB’s Andy Moore set the fifth fastest time while Viktor Wilck, who was fourth in Q1, ended up 10th fastest after he applied his tyre additive earlier to try make his TRF417 more aggressive but it was too much. Gran Canaria race winner and standings leader Christopher Krapp said he used the morning’s open practice to make a big step forward with his Kyosho but a ‘huge’ mistake that lost him 5-seconds dropped him from a potential Top 5 run to 16th.

Ivan Laptev

Behind Kunák in Pro Stock it was the joint championship standings leader Ivan Laptev and Martin Hofer. Laptev said a damper change to his A700 made it fast but tricky to drive. Still feeling he could improve his corner speed he said he will try something different for Q3 but said he also wants to start focusing on getting a comfortable set-up for the finals. Hofer said his Schumacher was a lot better than yesterday but he is fighting to keep it on four wheels.

Ride Modified Qualifying Round 2
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 24/5:10.767
2. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 23/5:01.156
3. Freddy Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 23/5:01.843
4. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 23/5:01.942
5. Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 23/5:03.399
6. Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 23/5:04.277
7. Martin Hudy (SK) – Xray – 23/5:04.286
8. Niclas Nilsson (SE) – Xray – 23/5:05.112
9. Eric Dankel (DE) – Yokomo – 23/5:05.404
10.Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 23/5:05.826

Xray Pro-Stock Qualifying Round 2
1. Zdenko Kunák (SK) – Xray – 22/5:08.252
2. Ivan Laptev (RU) – Awesomatix – 22/5:09.129
3. Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 22/5:09.319
4. Tony Streit (DE) – Xray – 22/5:09.418
5. Matej Rehak (CZ) – Xray – 22/5:10.283
6. Rob Janssen (NL) – Tamiya – 22/5:11.017
7. Michal Orlowski (PL) – Tamiya – 22/5:11.622
8. Carsten Madsen (DK) – Awesomatix – 21/5:11.697
9. Marek Cerny (CZ) – Yokomo – 22/5:11.924
10.Philip Tschupp (CH) – TOP – 22/5:12.654

View the complete results here.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Video – Qualifying Rd1 action

YouTube Preview Image

Friday, April 13, 2012

Volker stamps authority on opening day

Ronald Volker

Determined to put the drama that befell him and his Yokomo team in Gran Canaria last month, defending Euro Touring Series Champion Ronald Volker sent out a clear message to his rivals on the opening day of the fourth round of the series when he stamped his authority on proceedings with a TQ run in the opening round of qualifying. The German took the first of the five scheduled qualifiers by 2.9 second from surprise man of the day Magnus Vässmar, the Xray driver carrying his impressive practice pace through to qualifying.

Very happy with his opening qualifier and the margin he had over his rivals, Volker said while his car felt like it had a lot of understeer it was obviously not as bad as that experienced by others. With the result from Round 3, where he was classified 10th, set to be one of his dropped scores he said this weekend is an important one for getting his title defense back on target and today was a perfect first step to getting that done this weekend. Admitting that in terms of individual lap times he was not the fastest, he said his car was more importantly easy to drive for the 5-minutes. Planning to try get a little more steering for tomorrow morning’s second qualifier Volker said he will discuss tonight what changes he will make with his engineer Umino but said it will be in the set-up rather than a change to his tyre prep.

Magnus Vassmar

Having been modest about his pace in practice 25-year-old Vässmar managed to a crack a smile after his Q1 performance saying he was very happy with his day and at being able to keep it together for the opening heat. Making only his second ETS appearance of the season having finished sixth in the B-Main at Round 2 in Italy, the Swede said he will think about making a few small tweaks to his set-up but not before sleeping on it tonight.

Freddy Sudhoff

Despite losing around 1.5 seconds when he missed his braking and spun in front of Andy Moore who had nowhere to go and flipped the German, Freddy Sudhoff still managed to open his qualifying with the third fastest time. Making his first ETS appearance since signing for Awesomatix, the former podium finisher said his A700 was difficult at the start of the run but once the tyres came up to temperature it was ‘super good’ as highlighted by his 12.876 sec fastest lap of the day which he set on lap 13 of 23. ‘Fast Freddy’ said he will try a different tyre prep for Q2 to try and get the tyres to come in earlier in the run.

Viktor Wilck

Having struggled in timed practice as a result of which he is running in the second fastest qualifying group, Viktor Wilck ended his day on a positive taking his Tamiya to the fourth fastest time just under a tenth of a second behind Sudhoff. Happy with the result the factory Tamiya driver said his car wasn’t good to drive. Pushing at the beginning of the run by the end it was very loose possibly as a result of his tyres overheating. Unsure what changes are required to cure the problem the Swede said the only thing he knows for sure right now is that he needs to try something different tomorrow. TRF team-mate Marc Rheinard was clearly not happy with his run to the fifth fastest time. The former series Champion, who needs a win this weekend if he wants to have any chance of challenging for this season’s title, is adamant that a bad set of tyres are responsible for his drop off in pace since the morning’s practice runs.

Completing the Top 6 was Alexander Hagberg. The Swede who made two mistakes over the run but said it ‘could have been worse’. Describing his ORCA powered T3 2012 as being still too sensitive to drive he said they need to work on finding a set-up for tomorrow that gives him confidence again with the car. Team-mate Zdenko Kunák was on a potential 2nd fastest time until he rolled his car three laps from the finish. Losing 3 seconds the mistake cost the talented Slovakian 5 places as he ended the round 7th.

Zdenko Kunak

While he missed out on a top run in Modified Kunák drove a faultless opening Pro-Stock qualifier to top the times by 2.1 seconds from the HB of Steffen Leinburger, the man who beat the Round 1 winner at the second race of the season in Italy to secure his first ever ETS win. Tony Streit completed the Top 3 ahead of joint standings leader Ivan Laptev. Defending Champion Martin Hofer had a terrible Q1 after he rolled his Schumacher resulting in only 22nd for the Round while early practice pace setter Oliver Franke didn’t get off to a good start either ending up down in 29th. In the Speed Passion Formula class Germany’s Dai Sakaguchi took the opening qualifier ahead of Austrian Hebert Weber.

Ride Modified Qualifying Round 1
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 23/5:00.845
2. Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 23/5:03.759
3. Freddy Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 23/5:04.942
4. Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 23/5:05.037
5. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 23/5:05.041
6. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 23/5:05.801
7. Zdenko Kunák (SK) – Xray – 23/5:06.107
8. Eric Dankel (DE) – Yokomo – 23/5:07.017
9. Marco Kaufmann (DE) – Xray – 23/5:07.500
10.Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 23/5:08.284

Xray Pro-Stock Qualifying Round 1
1. Zdenko Kunák (SK) – Xray – 22/5:08.593
2. Steffen Leinburger (DE) – HB – 22/5:10.714
3. Tony Streit (DE) – Xray – 22/5:11.939
4. Ivan Laptev (RU) – Awesomatix – 22/5:12.134
5. Denis Zuykov (RU) – Awesomatix – 22/5:12.793
6. Felix Wiessmann (DE) – Yokomo – 22/5:13.040
7. Marek Cerny (CZ) – Yokomo – 22/5:13.061
8. Daniel Wohlgemuth (DE) – HB – 22/5:13.224
9. Matej Rehak (CZ) – Xray – 22/5:14.536
10.Carsten Madsen (DK) – Awesomatix – 21/5:00.458

View the complete results here.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Business as usual as Volker tops practice in Poland

Ronald Volker

Practice for the fourth round of the Yokomo Euro Touring Series is complete and it is so far business as usual at the carpet event for Ronald Volker as he took his Yokomo to the three fastest consecutive laps in the fourth & final practice in Poland to become the No.1 seed for the opening qualifier that will bring Day 1 of proceedings to a close.  The reigning champion set the pace ahead of Xray’s Magnus Vässmar and his Yokomo team-mate Eric Dankel while Marc Rheinard, who was Volker’s closest challenger in the first timed practice, failed to improve his time. Despite a simpler chicane for the final practice the World Champion was one of the few drivers not to improve their times something the German blamed on the new set of controlled tyre he ran in preparation for qualifying which left his Tamiya with a lack of steering.

Volker was surprised at the lack of difference the changes to the chicane made as the entry was still key to posting a quick lap time.  Using the run to scrub in his qualifying tyres, the German said his BD5 felt pretty good but added it should be even better for Q1 and have more steering as the tyres come in.  Dankel said his Yokomo was difficult to drive for the first half of the 5-minutes due to running on fresh tyres and while it started to come good by the end, allowing him to post the third fastest time, he was going to give the car a full check over as it felt as if it was slightly tweaked.


Changing the roll centres and tyre prep on his Xray, Vässmar said this had made it both faster and easier to drive.  Planning to continue with that set-up for Q1, the Swede said the car is safe and his focus is now on keeping his driving together with the full five minutes rather than three consecutive laps that are going to count in qualifying.  Team-mates Zdenko Kunák and Alexander Hagberg were also able to improve their times and position ending up 4th and 5th fastest. Kunák was happy with changes to his T3 2012 but still feels the front is a little soft under breaking.  Having made a better job of his driving in the final practice Hagberg said it was still not good enough but planning to adjust the flex in his car so as to make it a little more comfortable to drive he is hopeful of further improving it in the final run of the day.

Andy Moore

Completing the top 6 was former World Champion Andy Moore. The factory HB driver, who last week signed a major sponsorship deal with Hobby Wing to use their speedos in this a World Championship year, was pleased with changes made to his TCX for the final practice.  Changing to a lighter shock oil and adding more camber he said it gave him more overall traction and better stability in the long sweeper.  Although the changes cost him a little steering the British Champion said he should be able to rectify that for Q1.

Christopher Krapp

Elsewhere in the Ride Modified class, standings leader Christopher Krapp improved his time to 11th just shy of 10th fastest Martin Hudy. The Round 3 winner said his Kyosho was smooth to drive but ultimately too slow.  Although the times over 5 minutes should be better than 11th fastest he will try a different shock set-up on his Orion powered TF6-SP for the opening qualifier.  After tweaking his Tamiya in the first timed practice, TRF’s Viktor Wilck tried a different set-up for his second run but said it made his Thunder Power backed TRF417 ‘way too loose’ resulting in a slower time despite the track’s new, faster, layout. The Swede will revert back to his earlier set-up for Q1.

Zdenko Kunák

In the Xray Pro Stock class Kunák will be the top seed for qualifying ahead of Oliver Franke.  Fastest in the first timed practice the Hot Bodies driver had a problem with his speedo second time round but with a new replacement speedo fitted he is confident he should be ok for the first qualifier.  Former race winner Daniel Wohlgemuth ended practice third fastest ahead of Gran Canaria winner Marek Cerny and the Schumacher of defending champion Martin Hofer.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

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2014/15 Final Championship Standings

Ride Modified Class
1. Völker Ronald - 616pts
2. Rheinard Marc - 613pts
3. Coelho Bruno - 612pts
4. Prümper Yannic - 610pts
5. Hagberg Alexander - 609pts
6. Wilck Viktor - 595pts
7. Fischer Marc - 594pts
8. Jasmin Loic - 584pts
9. Südhoff Frederik - 577pts
10.Groskamp Jilles - 575pts
11.Krapp Christopher - 575pts
12.Moore Andy - 568pts
13.Kaufmann Marco - 565pts
14.Kutvonen Viljami - 560pts
15.Stadler Dionys - 557pts

Xray Pro Stock Class
1. Cerny Marek - 615pts
2. Hoppe Lars - 613pts
3. Ratheisky Jan - 610pts
4. Gosvig Mike - 604pts
5. Hofer Martin - 604pts
6. Borowski Julian - 596pts
7. Donath Christian - 593pts
8. Catelani Nico - 592pts
9. Heitsch Henrik - 590pts
10.Gassauer Patrick - 588pts
11.Kreder Markus - 588pts
12.Mächler Max - 583pts
13.Sperr Johannes - 578pts
14.Lindegaard Nicolai - 576pts
15.Hettrich Valentin - 572pts

Formula class
1. Ratheisky Jan - 623pts
2. Ehrbar David - 616pts
3. Gosvig Mike - 601pts
4. Libar Jacques - 596pts
5. Bohlen Jan - 589pts
6. Hofer Martin - 586pts
7. Weber Herbert - 586pts
8. Kölbel René - 586pts
9. Wurmhöringer Markus - 571pts
10.Martini Francesco - 567pts

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