July 21, 2013

1st Pro-Stock win for Kutvonen

Viljami Kutvonen

Finland’s Viljami Kutvonen ended his ETS campaign in the best way possible by claiming his first ever win in the series today at the Hudy Racing Arena in Slovakia. With Ronald Volker having taken the Ride Modified win and with it the 2012/13 Yokomo Euro Touring Series title in Leg 2, the attention for the 3rd round of finals was on the Xray Pro Stock class. Having put himself in serious contention for the win by getting the better of Top Qualifier and Leg 1 winner Zdenko Kunak in the second A-Main,  Kutvonen quickly disposed of his No.2 starting team-mate Dominic Vogl and set about closing in on the the No.1 Yokomo. Clearly quicker than the outgoing champion, on lap 8 Kutvonen found his way to the front exiting the chicane leaving Kunak to fend off newly crowned champion Marek Cerny. Two laps later the Xray driver made contact with the inside rear of the Yokomo sending it into a roll.  Unfortunately for VBC Racing’s Olivier Bultynck he would collect Kunak’s recovering car ending the race of both drivers.  Cerny, who set the fastest lap of the race, got a Stop & Go for the incident but out front Kutvonen cruised untroubled to his maiden ETS victory.  Schumacher’s Martin Hofer finished the leg 2nd to claim his third consecutive podium finish of the season behind Kunak.

Mod Top 3

In the final A-Main of Modified, which was void of Leg 1 & 2 winner Volker and Xray’s Magnus Vassmar after he destroyed his car in Leg 2, it was Marc Rheinard who took an untroubled win ahead of Tamiya team-mate Viktor Wilck who found a way passed Yokomo’s Yannic Prumper half way through the race.  The Leg win secured Rheinard second on the podium which was completed by Prumper.


In the Speed Passion Formula class, Serpent’s Jan Asmer who came to Slovakia with the overall championship title in the bag completed the perfect season by winning all three main from pole position to secure his 4th race win.  Joining him on the podium were Swiss pairing Philipp Hagnauer driving a Yokomo and TOP Racing’s Roman Pichler.

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July 21, 2013

Overall/A-Main Leg 3 Results

Ride Modified Overall Result
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 2 pts
2. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 3
3. Yannic Prümper (DE) – Yokomo – 5
4. Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 5
5. Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 8
6. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 9
7. Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 13
8. Frederik Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 14
9. Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 16
10.Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 17

Ride Modified A-Main Leg 3 Result
1.(2) Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 17/5:09.615
2.(3) Yannic Prümper (DE) – Yokomo – 17/5:13.024
3.(4) Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 17/5:15.523
4.(8) Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 17/5:16.135
5.(5) Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 17/5:18.214
6.(10)Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 16/5:02.173
7.(7) Frederik Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 2/0:39.832
8.(6) Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 1/0:16.980
9.(1) Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – DNS
10.(9)Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – DNS

Xray Pro Stock Overall Result
1. Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 2 pts
2. Zdenko Kunak (SK) – Yokomo – 3
3. Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 7
4. Marek Cerny (CZ) – Xray – 7
5. Jan Asmer (DE) – Serpent – 7
6. Dominic Vogl (AT) – Awesomatix – 10
7. Mike Gosvig (DK) – Awesomatix – 11
8. David Nemcek (SK) – Xray – 12
9. Henrik Heitsch (DE) – ARC – 13
10.Olivier Bultynck (BE) – VBC Racing – 16

Xray Pro Stock A-Main Leg 3 Result
1.(3) Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 15/5:07.735
2.(5) Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 15/5:08.404
3.(7) Jan Asmer (DE) – Serpent – 15/5:09.598
4.(9) David Nemcek (SK) – Xray – 15/5:11.528
5.(10)Mike Gosvig (DK) – Awesomatix – 15/5:12.533
6.(8) Henrik Heitsch (DE) – ARC – 15/5:13.418
7.(4) Marek Cerny (CZ) – Xray – 15/5:14.176
8.(2) Dominic Vogl (AT) – Awesomatix – 12/4:04.931
9.(6) Olivier Bultynck (BE) – VBC Racing – 10/3:25.891
10.(1)Zdenko Kunak (SK) – Yokomo – 9/2:58.780

July 21, 2013

Chassis Focus – Ronald Volker


Chassis Name – Yokomo BD7
Motor – LRP Vector X20
ESC – LRP Flow
Batteries – LRP VTEC 7200
Tires – Ride (handout)
Radio/Servos – Sanwa
Remarks – The Yokomo BD7 of newly crowned ETS series Champion hasn’t needed to be changed much since arriving at the Hudy Racing Arena here in Slovakia. The set-up they are using is essentially the same as that used at Rd5 in Traiskirchen with the Japanese team confident they have a good base setup. Running gear diffs front and rear Yukijiro Umino has only tested different tire prep earlier in the week, not having changed additive since arriving, and feel they have made a breakthrough with this having taken their team’s first asphalt ETS win this weekend.

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July 21, 2013

Volker is Champion

Volker Fist

Ronald Volker is the 2012/13 Yokomo Euro Touring Series Champion.  The German clinched his third consecutive title by securing his first ever asphalt win in the World famous championship with another tone to tone victory in the second leg of the A-Main at the Hudy Racing Arena in Slovakia.  The result sees the factory Yokomo driver become the most crowned ETS driver having shared the honour for the past 12-months with reigning World Champion Jilles Groskamp who was champion of the first two seasons of the series. Despite shadowing Volker throughout the second 5-minute main, Marc Rheinard, the 2009/10 Champion, couldn’t catch his arch rival declaring afterwards that the ‘championship wasn’t lost here but at the start of the season’, the Tamiya ace failing to make the podium at the opening three races of the season.

Ronald & Marc

‘Fantastic’ was how Volker described his title win.  Clocking up his 8th ETS race win, he said to achieve 3 in a row against ‘the highest level of competition you can get in touring cars’ was a special moment.  Viewed by many as the best current touring car driver on carpet, he said to take the title with his first win on asphalt made the the title even more significant than the previous two.  Summing up the sixth & final round of the championship as the ‘perfect weekend’, he said while they finished every asphalt race this season on the podium they just didn’t have the pace to win but this weekend they made the breakthrough something he said he was very grateful to his engineer Umino Yukijiro for.  Thanking Yokomo, LRP and all his sponsors for their support over the season, he said he ‘know(s) Marc (Rheinard) doesn’t like finishing second’ so while he is looking forward to season No.7 of the ETS he said a fourth title is going to be very difficult as Rheinard and his own Yokomo team-mate Yannic Prumper, who looks set to finish the season third overall, are going to be even more hungry to beat him.


Apologising for ‘a boring race’, again criticizing the grid spacings, Rheinard said after the bad start to the season he never expected to come the final round with a chance of the title.  Having given the ‘slim chance’ of the title his best shot he said he gave his best but on the day that was only good enough for 2nd.  Having always been strong on asphalt, Volker’s weak point in previous seasons, Rheinard said he hoped for the new season they can find something for the carpet rounds and be in a stronger position come next year’s season finale.

Yannic Prumper

Behind Volker and Rheinard, almost 3-seconds adrift, Yannic Prumper finished Leg 2 third. The 19-year-old will go into the closing main with a chance of making it a Yokomo 1-2 on the final ETS podium of season if he can find a way passed Rheinard and take the leg win.  Having retired from Leg 1 Team Xray’s Alexander Hagberg finished fourth having found amway passed fellow Swede Viktor Wilck.

Marek Cerny

In Pro Stock there was a huge cheer from Marek Cerny and the Xray team as 3rd in Leg 2 was enough to give the Czech driver the overall title.  The race saw Top Qualifier Zdenko Kunak on target to wrap up the overall win at the Hudy Racing Arena, but on lap 8 the outgoing Champion hit a curb and rolled allowing the Awesomatix of Viljami Kutvonen to take the leg win.  Kunak’s rolling Yokomo took out the No.2 starting Awesomatix of potential title contender Dominic Vogl  who would retire from the race shortly after the incident.

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July 21, 2013

A-Main Leg 2 Results

Ride Modified A-Main Leg 2 Result
1.(1) Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 17/5:05.933
2.(2) Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 17/5:06.607
3.(3) Yannic Prümper (DE) – Yokomo – 17/5:09.429
4.(5) Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 17/5:11.766
5.(4) Viktor Wilck (SE) – Tamiya – 17/5:12.375
6.(8) Andy Moore (GB) – HB – 17/5:12.703
7.(6) Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 17/5:13.010
8.(7) Frederik Südhoff (DE) – Awesomatix – 17/5:14.938
9.(9) Magnus Vässmar (SE) – Xray – 11/3:22.745
10.(10)Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 10/3:07.426

Xray Pro Stock A-Main Leg 2 Result
1.(3) Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 15/5:04.021
2.(1) Zdenko Kunak (SK) – Yokomo – 15/5:04.817
3.(4) Marek Cerny (CZ) – Xray – 15/5:09.571
4.(7) Jan Asmer (DE) – Serpent – 15/5:10.636
5.(5) Martin Hofer (DE) – Schumacher – 15/5:10.851
6.(10)Mike Gosvig (DK) – Awesomatix – 15/5:11.847
7.(8) Henrik Heitsch (DE) – ARC – 15/5:11.905
8.(9) David Nemcek (SK) – Xray – 15/5:13.444
9.(2) Dominic Vogl (AT) – Awesomatix – 8/2:51.714
10.(6)Olivier Bultynck (BE) – VBC Racing – 5/1:40:475