December 7, 2008

Groskamp wins Hungarian ETS encounter

Jilles Groskamp has won the second round of the Much More backed Euro Touring Series in Budapest, Hungary, after pulling off a stunning move on Toni Rheinard in the very dying seconds of the A-Main third leg.  Having sat on the bumper of the German throughout the race, the defending Champion got past Rheinard in a stunning dash to the finishline which saw the pair separated by just 8/100ths of a second.

‘Its always nice to win a race like that’ Groskamp said afterwards.  A close friend of Rheinard, who has done little racing this year, the Tamiya factory team driver was full of praise for his Speed Passion team-mate who was a last minute entry and racing a car he had to borrow from his brother Marc, the newly crowned Touring Car World Champion. ‘I felt sorry for what happened to Toni in the second leg and decided to wait till the last minute of the race before making any challenge so hopefully we would have a gap if we touched because the track design made it hard to pass.  Then on the very last lap Toni took a different line at the chicane and somehow I got a great run out of the last corner.  I think maybe the pressure of Scotty’s commentary may have got to him.  Toni is a really talented driver and to perform like this having been away from racing for so long proves that. It would be great to have him back racing full time again.’

‘Awesome’ was how Rheinard summed up the race. ‘I’m am really happy to have had such a great race but I think maybe I’m not so used to the pressure anymore’.  Asked if his performance was enough to encourage him to return full time to racing the former German National Champion said no but he did hint that he would like to do the next round of the Euro Touring Series in Warsaw, Poland.

Completing the podium at Hungary’s first big international touring car meeting was ETS debutant Martin Hudy.  The Slovak driver was the third driver with a chance of overall honours going into the final leg but could only manage fourth behind fellow Xray driver Bart Wubben after suffering with a down on power motor.

In Pro Stock Balint Rajki completed the perfect result winning all three legs of the A-Main from the pole and was joined on the podium by two emerging teenage talents Jakub Plechac from the Czech Republic and 15-year-old Zdenko Kunák from Slovakia.

Other winners here this weekend in Budapest competing in the supporting local classes included Gergely Cseko who was the dominant force in the F1 class, Peter Miko who took National Stock honours and Oliver Huba who came out top man in the entertaining 13.5 Stock category.

Red RC would like to thank our Hungarian hosts this weekend in particular Laszlo Kiss-Orban and we compliment them on a wonderful facility which is sure to make Hungary a top candidate for many more international races in the future.

Modified Overall Result
1.(2) Jilles Groskamp(NL) – Tamiya – 20 pts
2.(1) Toni Rheinard(D) – Tamiya – 19
3.(3) Martin Hudy(SK) – Xray – 18
4.(4) Bart Wubben(NL) – Xray – 16
5.(5) Michal Bok(CZ) – Xray – 14
6.(10)Balint Rajki(HU) – HB – 10
7.(6) Zdenek Hamak(CZ) – HB – 10
8.(7) David Ehrbar(D) – Xray – 8
9.(9) Gabor Forrai(HU) – Tamiya – 6
10.(8)Zdenko Kunák(SK) – Xray – 4

Pro Stock Overall Result
1.(1) Balint Rajki(HU) – HB – 20 pts
2.(2) Jakub Plechac(CZ) – HB – 18
3.(3) Zdenko Kunák (SK) – Xray – 17
4.(4) Jan Van Steeg(NL) – TOP – 15
5.(7) Frans Heinsbroek(NL) – Xray – 14
6.(5) George Spitteler(NL) – TOP – 12
7.(6) Blazej Orlowski(POL) – Tamiya – 10
8.(8) Marcel Pinkster(NL) – TOP – 7
9.(10)Peter Taal(HU) – Serpent – 7
10.(9)Zoltan Tohai(HU) – Serpent – 5

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December 7, 2008

Groskamp wins A-Main No.2

Jilles Groskamp has won the second leg of the A-Main here in Budapest after another incident packed final which saw Leg 1 winner Toni Rheinard pull off early.  Rheinard led for 3/4 of the race hounded the whole time by the quicker car of his Speed Passion team-mate Groskamp.  The Dutch driver touched the rear of the Top Qualifier as he tried everything to find away past his rival & close friend, but each time allowed the German to regain position.  This benefited the chasing pack of Bart Wubben, Michal Bok and a fast recovering Martin Hudy.

With the gap closing and just over a minute left on the clock the Tamiya duo made contact again, this time at the chicane before the straight.  Rheinard came off the worst as he got swallowed up by the pack and with no change of a good result he pulled up. Groskamp was now the leader from fellow Dutchman Wubben but two laps later the latter was punted out by Hudy.  Afterwards Hudy admitted he made the forceful move in return for the one he felt Wubben made on him in the opening lap which dropped the Slovak to 10th. After the dust had settled it was Groskamp who took the win from Hudy, with Bok third.  The result means that three drivers, Groskamp, Rheinard and Hudy, go into the third and final leg chasing overall honours.

In Pro Stock Balint Rajki cruised to victory no.2 from the pole to wrap up the overall win for this second round of the 08/09 ETS.  The Hungarian Hot Bodies/Nosram driver once again headed home Jakub Plecha and Zdenko Kunák who repeated their Leg 1 battle, the Czech driver eventually taking second.

Modified A-main Leg 2 results
1. Jilles Groskamp – 25 Laps in 307.76
2. Martin Hudy + 1.33
3. Michal Bok + 2.85
4. Bart Wubben + 3.82
5. Balint Rajki + 10.38
6. Zdenek Hamak + 11.53
7. David Ehrbar -1/ 308.55
8. Gabor Forrai -2/ 305.86
9. Zdenko Kunák -2/ 308.71
10. Toni Rheinard -7/ 229.3

Super Stock A-main Leg 2 results
1. Balint Rajki – 23 Laps in 302.86
2. Jakub Plechac + 1.46
3. Zdenko Kunák + 6.50
4. Frans Heinsbroek + 11.23
5. George Spitteler -1/ 304.93
6. Blazej Orlowski -1/ 307.35
7. Jan Van Steeg -2/ 300.58
8. Peter Taal -2/ 306.60
9. Zoltan Tohai -3/ 287.76
10. Marcel Pinkster -4/ 309.76

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YouTube Preview Image

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December 7, 2008

Rheinard wins hectic first A Main

Despite being visually slower than his rivals Toni Rheinard has taken victory in a rather hectic opening A Main here in Hungary.  Starting from pole Rheinard took the early lead as Jilles Groskamp, Martin Hudy and Bart Wubben squabbled over second but just over a minute in all four came together after Hudy tagged the leader at the end of the straight before all hell broke loose.  This allowed Wubben’s Xray to briefly lead but the bumping continued and Rheinard found himself back out front once again where he would stay despite a number of challenges from the chasing pack.  Afterwards all the drivers had the same feeling that things got a little crazy during the race.

Rheinard said his Tamiya, which he has on loan for the weekend from his World Champion brother Marc, had changed completely from his TQ run this morning and was now rolling a lot in the corners. Knowing his car was slower than his rival the German switched to defensive driving which in the end paid off as his rival tripped one another up.  Rheinard will change the front roll bar in attempt to improve his car which was 2/10th off the pace of the fastest lap set by Hudy who eventually crossed the line in second with his body tucked under on the left side from the early race bumper car session.  Wubben completed the podium with Champion Jilles Groskamp, who was clearly annoyed by the driving standards, finishing fourth from Michal Bok.

In Pro Stock it was also the Top Qualifier who took the victory but in a much more sedate A Main.  Driving his Cyclone TC, Balint Rajki lead from start to finish with the big battle being between Jakub Plecha and Czech Grand Prix winner Zdenko Kunák.  Kunák’s No.3 Xray got the jump on Plecha’s No. 2 Hot Bodies but the Czech National Champion finally found a way back past the 15-year-old Slovak driver to cross the finish line in the same order as they originally lined up on the grid.

Modified A-Main Leg 1 Result
1. Toni Rheinard – 25 Laps in 311.63
2. Martin Hudy + 0.67
3. Bart Wubben + 2.03
4. Jilles Groskamp + 3.12
5. Michal Bok + 3.86
6. Zdenek Hamak + 10.72
7. David Ehrbar + 11.75
8. Balint Rajki + 11.83
9. Gabor Forrai -2/ 304.50
10. Zdenko Kunák -14/ 150.43

Pro Stock A-Main Leg 1 Result
1. Balint Rajki – 23 Laps in 303.25
2. Jakub Plechac + 2.55
3. Zdenko Kunák + 4.59
4. Jan Van Steeg + 11.09
5. George Spitteler + 11.82
6. Marcel Pinkster + 12.87
7. Blazej Orlowski -1/ 306.67
8. Peter Taal -1/ 311.48
9. Zoltan Tohai -1/ 312.01
10. Frans Heinsbroek -19/ 60.55

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December 7, 2008

Rheinard & Rajki TQ in Hungary

Qualifying for the second round of the Much More backed Euro Touring Series has been completed and it is Toni Rheinard & Balint Rajki that will start from the pole for the respective Modified and Pro Stock A Mains here in Budapest this afternoon.

The overnight TQ holder Rheinard had the upper hand over defending ETS Champion Jilles Groskamp going into this morning’s fifth and final round of qualifying thanks to his fastest run time in the fourth qualifier yesterday.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the showdown for the Top Qualifier honours we expected between the Tamiya pairing. Sharing two heat wins each, Groskamp was forced to pull up after just seven laps due to very rare preparation oversight by the normally meticulous Dutch driver.  With his only challenger for the pole out, Rheinard still pushed on to TQ the round in a new fastest time of 25 laps in 302.80 followed very closely by Xray’s Martin Hudy who will line-up third on the grid.

In Pro Stock the overnight TQ holder was Jakub Plechac but local ace Balint Rajki was to deny the Czech National Champion that honour this morning.  Having won three of yesterday’s four qualifiers, Plechac got collected while lapping in the final heat allowing Rajki to take his second heat win and having recorded the fastest 5 minute run in yesterday’s fourth qualifier this handed the Hungarian pole. Finishing second for the round to claim third on the grid was 15-year-old Zdenko Kunák who Rajki believes could be his biggest challenger in the triple leg finals.

Modified A-Main Grid
1. Toni Rheinard – Germany
2. Jilles Groskamp – Netherlands
3. Martin Hudy – Slovakia
4. Bart Wubben – Netherland
5. Michal Bok – Czech Republic
6. Zdenek Hamak – Czech Republic
7. David Ehrbar – Germany
8. Zdenko Kunák – Slovakia
9. Gabor Forrai – Hungary
10.Balint Rajki – Hungary

Pro Stock A-Main Grid
1. Balint Rajki – Hungary
2. Jakub Plechac – Czech Republic
3. Zdenko Kunák – Slovakia
4. Jan Van Steeg – Netherlands
5. George Spitteler – Netherlands
6. Blazej Orlowski – Poland
7. Frans Heinsbroek – Netherlands
8. Marcel Pinkster – Netherlands
9. Zoltan Tohai – Hungary
10.Peter Taal – Hungary

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December 6, 2008

Rheinard & Plechac hold overnight TQ

Toni Rheinard and Jakub Plechac are the overnight TQ holders at the Hungarian round of the 2008/2009 Much More backed Euro Touring Series round 2.  Rheinard produced the fastest run of the Budapest event in the final of today’s qualifiers and as a result tops the qualification ranking from defending ETS Champion Jilles Groskamp who also has two rounds to his credit.  Driving his brother’s Tamiya this weekend, Toni Rheinard recorded 25 laps in a time of 5:02.96 in the penultimate heat after a close run with Martin Hudy who posted the fastest lap.  In the end the two where seperated by just one second.

Rheinard said the car was more consistent and easier to drive after he increased the droop by 0.5mm all round.  The German plans to use tomorrow’s fifth and final heat to scrub in new tyres for the three leg finals.  Hudy also appeared happier with his car which was good enough to set the fastest lap of the round.  A change from a 3.5 to a 4.0 motor made for a smoother drive and while the car felt slightly slower on the straight the car was better in the corners.

Having made a mistake in the third round Bart Wubben had a clean fourth round allowing him to post his third Top 3 run of the day putting him fourth on the grid overnight.  His fellow Dutchman Groskamp saw his traction roll problem esculate.  Finishing fourth fastest the Tamiya Factory Racing team driver is not 100% sure while the problem became so bad but will try running a wider front on the car.

In Pro Stock we saw Plechac’s great run come to end due to driver error, something the 18-year-old was quick to take blame for.  The winner of the opening three qualifiers Plechac’s mistake allowed top local driver Balint Rajki to take his Cyclone to the top of the time sheets.  Rajki said a change of tyre additive had transformed the car, allowing him to post the fastest time we’ve seen for the category.  Second fastest driving an Xray was 15-year-old Slovak driver Zdenko Kunák, the teenage racer doing a good job here today.  Having fitted a front spool and lenghtened the wheelbase on his TOP Scythe, Jan van Steeg is much happier with his performance and thats reflected in the Dutch National Pro Stock Champion’s top three run times this evening.

So Day 1 of the second round of the ETS, which also enjoys support from Hot Bodies and Speed Passion, has come to a close.  Drivers can now enjoy an early evening with plenty more action awaiting them tomorrow with one more round of qualifying followed by three leg Mains for all finalists.  Our coverage continues in the morning.

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December 6, 2008

Rheinard TQ’s, Plechac dominates Pro Stock

Toni Rheinard has TQ’d the third qualifier of the ETS here in Budapest.  The German topped the time sheets for the round from Jilles Groskamp who was hampered by grip roll during the run.  Rheinard said he had a steady run but was quick to highlight that he only topped the round because Groskamp, who again posted the fastest lap time, rolled his Tamiya.  Jilles said he tried more additive on his front tyres and it didnt work.  His Speed Passion powered TRF416 World Edition having far too much steering resulting in him rolling twice.

Third fastest was factory Xray driver Martin Hudy.  The Slovak racer said his car works really well in the beginning but then starts to suffer from excessive steering and lack of rear traction.  In an attempt to solve the problem, Hudy will change from his current LRP 3.5 motor and fit a 4.0 version of the X12 into his T2 009.  Fourth fastest was Czech driver Michal Bok.  A close friend of Hudy he is running the same set-up and as a result is reporting the same problems.  Having finished third in the opening two qualifier, Bart Wubben’s strong run ended with an early mistake and he could only stop the clocks with the seventh fastest time.

In Pro Stock Jakub Plechac continues his domination.  Having shortened the wheelbase on his HB Cyclone the Czech National Champion again improved his time to make it three out of three.  Second fastest for the third round was young Slovak driver Zdenko Kunák driving an Xray while Dutch TOP driver Jan Van Steeg made it three different cars at the top of the time sheets.

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December 6, 2008

Groskamp ups the pace

He said after TQ’ing the first round that he could go faster and thats exactly what he has just done running 25 laps to head the second heat from his team-mate for the weekend Toni Rheinard.  The Dutch driver changed additive for Round 2 which he said made the car a lot better giving his Tamiya more traction and making it more consistent.  The only driver to post an 11 second lap time, Groskamp also said the car was now not as effected by the offline fluff as the new additive doesn’t seem to pick it up as much.  Rheinard, who also made 25 laps, was pleased to finish his run but said he is loosing too much time to Groskamp in the opening minute of the run as his car wants to push in the corners.

Despite his car dumping with three laps to go, Bart Wubben again set the third fastest time just missing out on 25 laps with a time of 05:00.06.  The Xray driver thinks his short run time is due to build up of carpet fluff around the bearing of the centre layshaft.  He will fit new bearing for the third round but as an extra precaution he plans to reduce the power profile on his LRP Sphere TC speedo.  Unfortunately for fellow Xray driver Martin Hudy he encountered problems with traffic resulting in damage to his car which would sidelined him.

In Pro Stock Jakub Plechac was the first driver to break into the 23 lap range to again top the time sheets, this time from Zdenko Kunák and Blazej Orlowski.

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December 6, 2008

Groskamp tops first Qualifier

The first round of qualifying for the second round of the Euro Touring Series has been completed here in Budapest and it was defending champion Jilles Groskamp who set the pace from former team-mate Martin Hudy.  Groskamp produced 24 laps in 5:00.80 with Hudy just 2/10ths adrift.

All the leading drivers are reporting that track conditions are very inconsistent and afterwards are having to deal with large deposits of carpet fluff building up in their cars.  Groskamp says its vital to be very smooth because going even slightly off line the tyres pick up the fluff from the brand new carpet making the car very loose for the next few corners. The Dutch drivers says he can go faster and will play around with the application of tyre additive for the next round.

Hudy described his first qualifier as difficult.  At the beginning of the race his Xray was pushing but in the latter part it developed oversteer as the rear tyres started to loose traction.  The Slovak driver will change to a harder front roll bar for the second heat in attempt to make the car more consistent over the run.

Despite describing his run as ‘Pretty Horrible’, Bart Wubben took his Xray to the third fastest time. The Dutch Champion is hoping the track will get more consitent but will play around with tyre additive to try and get a better balance in the car. Michal Blok, Zdenko Kunak and Zdenek Hamak completed the Top 6.  Former German National Champion Toni Rheinard had his first heat come to nothing after a front wheel nut came loose in the later stages of the 5 minute run.

In Pro Stock Czech National Champion Jakub Plechac driving a Hot Bodies topped the round ahead of local driver Balint Rajki who is also running a Cyclone TC in the class.  Plechac was very pleased with his car so much so he plans no changes for his second outing.  Despite his Mazda body rubbing the ground throughout the run Rajki was happy with his opening time but the Hungarian plans a body change for the next outing.  With the top 3 covered by just one second, Dutchman George Spitteler was third fastest at the controls of his TOP.

One interesting incident in the National Class here in Budapest involved Uwe Rheinard, the man behind the ETS.  Having missed out on practice due to his race admin duties, Uwe’s debut in the series started off in the wrong direction when his car ran in reverse as he tried to do his warm-up lap for the first heat.  It turns out that Toni Rheinard had wired the motor the wrong way but to give the Speed Passion team driver some credit he was able to rewire the motor in time so that his father got to take up his starting slot for the heat.

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